We have always known that two was better than one, from siblings to diamond solitaires (in this case four is better than two). But our suspicions were confirmed when medical experts recommended combination therapy over monotherapy to get enhanced beauty results.

We spoke to beauty mavens from all over the world to get their professional advice on how to double the ‘wow’ factor on our skin.

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Pimple Fighters


Dermatologists routinely tell their patients to combine a few acne topicals to get an accelerated clearance of their acne. Knowing what are synergistic and what are conflicting is key to success.

Topical Power Couple: Pairing an antibiotic based acne cream with a probiotic-rich hydrator may eliminate issues of antibiotic resistance and redness of the skin, according to some experts.

Treatment Dynamic Duo: BBL Forever Clear is a broadband light therapy that works wonders at reducing bacteria count and clearing blemishes. Pair this with anti-redness maestro Vbeam, a pulsed dye laser that targets red, angry lesions and instantly tames skin into a calm oasis.

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Heavy Lifters

skin lifting

When it comes to lifting skin, one treatment alone will never do justice, especially if you prefer the non-surgical route. According to Dr Chua Han Boon of SW1 Clinic, your face ages in several ways— from volume loss, sagging of skin to change of facial shape over time. Get out of the tunnel vision trap by focusing on more than one treatment strategy.

Topical Power Couple: Best way to slow down the aging clock is to fight free radical damage that is constantly assaulting our skin daily. Vitamin A, one of the most researched anti-aging ingredient, has been shown to help reduce UV damage and improve complexion. Pair this with Vitamin B, also known as niacinamide. Effective against premature aging signs as well as a host of other skin concerns ranging from redness to acne, this over-achiever is one ingredient you should not overlook if you are serious about not looking your age.

Treatment Dynamic Duo: Choose a FDA approved skin lifter such as Ultherapy or Thermage, both lift skin globally and needs only one session to see results. Then pair it with the new age facial threadlifts to zero in on areas that need extra work such as your jowls or nasolabial folds. The end results? Younger looking skin while maintaining natural results!

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Black Knights


Pigmentation woes is a common concern especially for Asian women living in the tropics. On top of the sun spots thanks to our sunny climate, we also have to battle melasma, a hormonal pigmentation that creeps up with age. The trick is to be super discerning, and embrace only innovatiive therapies that show quick and long lasting results.

Topical Power Couple: Pigmentation is another condition that works best with a combination of different ingredients on the skin. For those serious about battling stubborn pigmentation, go for mequinol based products that has been shown to lighten dark patches more effectively than traditional hydroquinone. Pair this with tranexamic acid which has been one of the more promising new anti-pigment fighters of late. Together, they will give you the best chance of recovering fairer days.

Treatment Dynamic Duo: Pigmentation may affect your skin in several layers— epidermal (superficial) or dermal (deep). That’s precisely why a combination of anti-pigment therapies will do better than just one. Consider cutting edge pico pigment laser, whose picosecond technology excels in fragmenting pigment cells with such a high efficacy, you will probably notice improvements after the first session. Pair this will a skin renewal laser to help brighten your overall complexion and lighten deeper layers of pigment. Consider Fraxel Light, a skin renewal laser that does just that and more (smoother skin, smaller pores…)

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Hopefully with these pearls of wisdom, the path to a flawless skin and a more youthful looking visage will be smoother than before.

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