Aesthetic upgrades mean that there are new ways to do old things. From a reduction in downtime to a jump in terms of outcomes, even women who previously shun aesthetic treatments such as BOTOX and fillers are also jumping on the bandwagon.

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The New Age Botox #1: SKIN REFINER

new age botox

Botox, one of the most popular anti-wrinkle treatments have had a long and stellar history that started a decade ago, when it was actually used to treat conditions such as migraines and facial spasms. Doctors are beginning to find new ways of administering this age-old wrinkle buster that gives results that far surpass traditional treatment protocols.

IN: Gentle dilute doses of Botox distributed along the jawline and areas of maximum lines have a softening, skin-smoothening effect on the face as well as a mild but visible improvement to overall pore size and skin tone. It also negates the risk of ‘overdone’ looks sans expressions that plagued patients of heavy handed doctors. Called ‘Micro-Refine’, this skin smoothening treatment imparts an all-round improvement to the skin.

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The New Age Botox #2: TIME CAPSULE

Who doesn’t want their face to be preserved in time, even as the passage of time continues its onward march? Well, it seems that the timing of your BOTOX treatments may be key in how you age!

IN: instead of reaching for BOTOX as a wrinkle eraser, women are now using this as an anti-aging tool, after studies show that repeated, well-timed BOTOX treatments every 3-4 months could lead to a slowing in the ageing process of the skin. “As the skin folds less over time, it goes without saying that accumulative collagen breakdown will also be reduced” explains Dr Kenneth Lee. “That explains why patients who have had regular BOTOX may not develop the sort of deep lines that commonly come on with age”.

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The New Age Filler #3: VOLUPTUOUS LIPS

New age filler

Natural Fillers made from hyaluronic acid have been through its up and downs. Highly dependent on technique, the same filler in a syringe may yield very different results in different hands. In the old days, the range of hyaluronic acid fillers available was tiny, so doctors resorted to using a single type of filler for many different areas on the face. And not always with good results. The good news is that research on the structure of facial skin, undereye area and lips have led to a more thorough understanding of their respective beauty needs. On the market now are a wide range of fillers to suit almost every need. If your doctor is not a traditionalist who’s adamant on stockpiling a single type of filler, you should be able to enjoy the myriad of skin plumping, line-filling benefits each type of filler may confer.

IN: Restylane Kysse came just in time to save our lips. Previously fillers for the lips were associated with more swelling and a risk of looking slightly overdone as the fillers, meant for the face was slightly stiffer. This isn’t an issue anymore with the latest Restylane Kysse, formulated just for the lips. Expect an immediate improvement in the shape, colour and contour of the lips without any tell-tale swelling. Lip fillers at lunch anyone?

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IN: Reshaping of the lips have overtaken the traditional blown-up look of lips. Women are now leaving their doctors’ offices with lips that look sexier and more shapely. The new technique of granting each lip their ‘mojo’ is custom-tailored to the individual’s lips and based on each person’s facial proportions, according to Dr Low Chai Ling. “With this new lip-shaping technique, it’s harder to tell who has had their lips done” says Dr Low.

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The New Age Filler #4: ‘NO SWEAT’ BABY STEPS

More is not always better when it comes to facial fillers, as some women discovered (the hard way). If you’ve ever spied a ‘pillow-face’ on your way to work, you’ll know that fillers need to be used judiciously and in trained hands. Some women also reject the idea of a ‘bigger leap of faith’, fearing that others may know they’ve had something done, preferring small baby step improvements that hints of good fortune in the genetic lottery stakes.

IN: Babydrop fillers are now the darling of women who want to regain a more youthful look using small step-wise enhancements. Besides leaving no tell-tale signs (you can have this during your lunch), you can aim to correct and enhance not one, but a host of facial imperfections over time that’s giving your face a less than perfect score.

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