Ever heard of the phrase: the eyes are the windows to your soul? No wonder, large alluring bambi-like eyes are so coveted amongst women everywhere. Whether you are born with it, or you need some extra help to attain it, we cannot deny that the eyes is also the one area that reflects our weariness, stress, addiction to our mobile devices and age.

Thankfully, there are some ways for you to enlarge the appearance of your eyes so you look more attractive and youthful instantly!


Plasma Lift

Droopy eyelids is one of the reasons why eyes look tired and appear smaller over time. There are not many effective technologies one can employ around the eyes due to the dangers of applying a laser too close to the eyeball. This is where Neogen plasma triumphs as it isn’t a laser, but uses the power of plasma to activate the skin tightening processes. The good thing is that this no-downtime lift is also surprisingly comfortable, making it a breeze even for pain-phobes.

Pain factor: 1/5

Downtime: nil

Optimum benefit: 6 sessions

Thermage Tightener

With so many studies backing Thermage, it is no wonder that as a periorbital skin tightener, this therapy still comes out tops. Using monopolar radiofrequency, it contracts sagging tissues while kickstarting collagen production in the skin. The end result is a pair of lifted and more youthful looking eyes. Where Thermage for the eyes triumphs over other therapies is the fact that the benefits are visible after just one session!

Pain factor: 3/5

Downtime: nil

Optimum benefit: 1 session

Botox eye lift

Who knew that this wrinkle buster has been given a new lease of life as the ultimate squint neutralizer? Commonly used by millennials who spend too much time staring at the small screens of their mobile devices, BOTOX is used to relax the orbicularis muscles which result in the eyes looking tired, drawn and squinty-small. BOTOX works on the muscles, not the skin. We know that droopy eyes can be a sum total of both skin and muscle aging, BOTOX treats the latter and with supreme efficacy. Results are seen after 7 days.

Pain factor: 2/5

Downtime: low to nil

Optimum benefit: 1 session

Upper lid blepharoplasty

When sagging of the eyelids reach a certain extent, the truth is that upper lid blepharoplasty may be the only solution for you. The good news however is that surgical blepharoplasty is now a minimally invasive procedure with the incision done on the double eyelid crease, essentially rendering this a scarless treatment. Treatment time is efficiently prompt in under an hour and recovery is short in under a week. There is some residual swelling after which may be disguised as puffy eyes or camouflaged with a nifty pair of glasses.

Pain factor: nil as the procedure is done under sedation

Downtime: 4- 7 days

Optimum benefit: 1 session

Medial epicanthoplasty

Sometimes it isn’t sagging that is the cause of your woes but congenitally small eyes. That’s where medial epicanthoplasty comes in. This is a little incision done at the medial aspect of your eyelids to open up your eyes. This mini surgery is so small and downtime minimal as the incision is only about a few millimetres on the inner corner of the eyes. The effect of this surgery is to elongate the eye so that it is able to open wider and look bigger as a result. This is a common surgery amongst Asians who desire rounder and bigger looking eyes.

Pain factor: nil as surgery done under local anaesthesia or sedation

Downtime: 2-5 days

Optimum benefit: 1 session

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