Like most addicts, I was firmly in denial. But things got to a head when I had to shift to Hong Kong for a new job. Eyeing my overflowing vanity cupboard, I was in a dilemma as to how I was going to haul my entire beauty stash over to my tiny 100 sq feet apartment in Kowloon.

Fast forward a year, I have since learnt that when it comes to skincare, it makes sense to read the ingredient labels. Less is more when it comes to optimizing your skincare ritual. If you have more than a dozen products lining your shelves, than you may be throwing money down the drain.

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Here are some lessons I learnt from streamlining my own skincare routine.


#1 Stock up on essential vitamins


What our skin needs are essentials such as vitamin A, B and C. If your skincare are lacking these basic vitamins, then all the other active ingredients it may tout are only secondary. For anti-aging, look no further than vitamin A. For anti-acne effects, try vitamin B or niacinamide. For overall complexion brightening, then vitamin C is your go-to.

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#2 Layer a lighter product with a heavier product


Versatility is key when it comes to your skincare. You may find that your skin tends to be oilier some days in the month (especially in the run up to your menstrual cycle), and then drier at other times. Instead of going for products that are too heavy, opt for lighter water-based products such as serums that contain the active ingredients you need. Not only will serums penetrate faster, you can use them all the time. When your skin feels drier, layer an emulsion (water-in-oil or oil-in-water) or a lotion on your skin after your serums. This will help seal in moisture on days when you feel you need added hydration.

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#3 Eye creams are a must

There is a reason why aging changes start around the eye area. This is because the skin around the eyes are thinnest and most delicate. Yet we spend a greater portion of our time and effort taking care of the skin of our faces compared to our eye area. No wonder wrinkles make their debut around our eyes. Invest in an eye serum or cream to keep the area hydrated and firm. There are few oil glands around our eyes so you will need to keep it hydrated morning and night to prevent premature ageing in that area.

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#4 Sunscreen can be repurposed!

My advice is to get the best sunscreen you can find, One that is reliable, really blocks both UVA and UVB and is somewhat water and sweat resistant. If you are not working out in the sun and only require some amount of SPF with coverage, mix equal parts of your foundation with your sunscreen to make your very own tinted moisturizer! Fun fact: you can add a drop of highlighter into the mix to get a pearlescent shimmery base, that will leave your skin dewy yet protected!

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#5  The best makeup removers have oils in them


The rationale behind why we need oils in our makeup remover is because modern day cosmetics are essentially oil-based. If you want a hassle-free way of stripping your skin clean with a few gentle strokes, go for an cleansing oil like Lemon Quartz or a micellar water like Reset (it contains oil droplets dissolved in water). Both will remove all traces of makeup without stripping your skin of its essential ceramides and lipids, so your skin is actually stain-free while looking moist and balanced!

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