We’ve all been there before. A day before an important date and one solitary pimple rears its ugly head, ruining our skin and chances at eternal happiness.

While the urge to squeeze a pimple is there, there are good reason to abstain from such a habit. We speak to medical professionals to find out why we should not squeeze our pimples and what we should be doing instead.

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#1 You are making a ‘mountain’ out of a molehill

Literally. Although squeezing pimples may make your skin look better in the short term, it might force the pus even deeper into your skin, which can make it become even more inflamed. This is more likely to aggravate the situation rather than make it better.

Doc’s Tip: Applying a cold compress over a throbbing pimple can help to reduce the inflammation. Apply a pimple gel that is quick-acting yet not harsh over the inflamed area, then leave the area alone. Hands off!

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#2 Scars

When you squeeze a pimple, the end result of the trauma could be pigmented or pitted scars, both of which are more permanent and more unsightly than the original offending lesion.

Doc’s Tip: if you are bothered by your pimple, instead of manipulating it, consider going to a clinic to get an pimple shot. This is a tiny injection of steroids with or without antibiotics to reduce inflammation of the offending pimple. It is a localized injection which results in the pimple subsiding rapidly in the next day or so.

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#3 Open pores


Blackheads and whiteheads, the common precursors to acne should be removed. However, frequent manual extraction often leaves the skin traumatized and blotchy, with open pores as the end result. Not an appealing sight just to get rid of a few comedones. We prefer using technology to loosen these comedones and flushing them away safely — consider ultrasonic deep cleansing or aquadermabrasion, both non-invasive, skin-sparing deep pore cleansing methods favoured by aesthetic doctors.

Doc’s Tip: using skincare containing retinoids, AHA or BHA may also help to speed up cell turnover and lead to clearer skin in the long run.

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#4 Broken Capillaries

Frequent extractions on your skin will also leave a trail of broken capillaries in its wake. On fairer skin types, these can show up as blotchy skin. Even when using a facial scrub, it is good to go gentle on the skin. Our advice is to invest in a professional chemical peel if you want to achieve clearer skin, sparing your skin the trauma of a rough passage.

Doc’s tip: Vbeam laser, a pulsed dye laser, can be used to treat redness and broken capillaries effectively. It also does double duty by being effective against red acne as well.

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#5 You are not making your future better


The future clarity of your skin is not dependent on whether you extract that one zit. In fact, the fate of your skin depends on how you treat it daily BEFORE you even break out. Using skincare ingredients that speeds up cellular turnover can prevent your pores from clogging up, as can deep cleansing facials. Use blue and red photobiomodulation light therapy to boost your skin health and resistance to future outbreaks.

Doc’s tip: Oral medication can help for severe acne. Speak to your doctor to see if you are a candidate for oral medicine. Forever Clear BBL is a broadband light therapy that is tailored for battling outbreaks and stopping pimples in its tracks. Combining therapy with a good skincare regimen with or without oral medication will give you the greatest chance at combating pimples and keeping your skin clear in the long run.

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