You may be slaving away at the gym each day with little to show for it. The six pack that you’ve been hoping for is still nowhere in sight. We get the lowdown on what you could be doing wrong. Here are a few reasons you don’t have a six-pack…yet.

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Not enough cardio

Many people think that the way to getting sixpacks is through crunches and situps. This is a rookie mistake. Don’t get us wrong, these exercises are effective, but they don’t work when done in isolation. if you really want to see those abs, your training plan requires much more variety and needs to include cardio. Burn body fat with running and bodyweight, strengthen the abdominals with weight training, incorporate some core exercises and you’ve got yourself an effective six-pack training plan.

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Not enough technique

Is 100 situps better than 20? Not really. Rule number 1: quality before quantity. Always. In order to gain definition, the muscle must be worked correctly. Proper technique during core exercises strengthens smaller stabilising muscles as well as isolates the specific muscle group you are aiming to work, resulting in a fully worked set of abdominal muscles. If you finish your training without breaking a sweat, then you may not be working your muscles effectively. Get a personal trainer to help you work out the kinks in your routine and motivate you to up your reps.

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Not enough rest

We don’t build muscle in the gym but when we rest. That may sound controversial but for regular gym goers, this is true. And when we say rest, we also mean sleep. Do you get 7-8 hours of good quality sleep per night? No? Then this could be another reason for your absent six-pack. The body naturally produces the most muscle during sleep as well as builds muscle fibre. Trained hard today? Then kick back, relax and allow your body to rest up.

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Not enough good nutrition

If you are treating yourself to a cheeseburger after every workout session, you may be sabotaging yourself. Abs are made in the kitchen, according to some. Ignoring your nutrition is like ignoring your six-pack. The most important point people seem to miss is that a six-pack only becomes visible when the body’s fat level is low enough: something achieved mainly through diet. Stomach fat is the body’s main reserve for tough times, which is why it seeks to hold on to it for as long as possible and therefore breaks down this fat last. Speak to your doctor or nutritionist to help you design a diet or intermittent diet plan.

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Not enough fat loss

Despite your best intentions, it may be in your genes that you accumulate stubborn fat in the midsection. This is especially a problem for middle-aged people. However, it is a myth that six packs are only reserved to the young. Even out your chances by accelerating fat burn with latest aesthetic treatments such as Coolshape which uses cold to break down fat cells and Onda body Magic which uses coolwaves to eliminate fat and cellulite at the same time.

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