Open any magazine and you are inundated with a sea of ‘new’ fat loss treatments and fat burning pills. It seems like the quest for the perfect body isn’t just for the young and fit. Even middle aged men and women want to sport a body that is ageless. Besides the usual slew of cardio, weight training and nutrition, are aesthetic body treatments going to give you the added edge?

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Before splurging on any miracle body treatments that promise you the world, we suggest you read on, do your homework to find out which meets the mark and which falls short.

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Based on an observation by a scientist that children sucking on popsicles developed dimples due to fat atrophy, cryolipolysis was born. Coolshape, a cryolipolysis treatment, usese cold energy to break down about 20% of the treated fat cells per treatment, as shown in studies.

It will work if…

Yes, Coolshape does work but don’t expect it to be a one session fix like surgical liposuction. For each area, a few sessions are needed for optimal results, but that’s not to say it won’t be visible after one session if you combine it with a sensible low caloric diet and exercise. One user found that a session of coolshape with three days of intermittent fasting flattened her belly!

It won’t work if…

This isn’t for you if you think this can replace diet, exercise or negate the effects of over-indulgence when it comes to food. In fact, no treatment in the world can make an impact if you are sabotaging your own body with excess calories and a lack of physical activity.

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Onda Body Magic, so named because its ‘magical’ transformational effects in three aspects — fat loss, skin tightening and cellulite reduction. Studies show that this treatment which uses clinical microwaves can help in fat loss after a few non-invasive sessions. The pros are that the smaller handpiece allows hard to reach areas such as inner thighs and underside of arms to be treated effectively.

It will work if…

You combine a few sessions together. In fact because this treatment can tighten skin as well as reduce fat, users have commented on the improved appearance of their skin tone as well. Use this if you have small pockets of fat and if you want a general body improvement.

It won’t work if …

You have too much fat in one area. This is essentially a body sculpting treatment and isn’t used for bulk fat loss. If you have significant amount of fat, consider coolshape or liposuction as alternatives.

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You see them being marketed by ultra-skinny girls, the Kardashians included. Usually, the ingredients are varied but may range from some herbal supplements to laxatives.

It will work…

If you have constipation or a poor digestion, and this helps alleviates the issue. However, you will still need to combine this with a low calorie diet for it to be significant or sustainable in the long run.

It won’t work…

If you don’t have a digestive issue, and the reason why you are gaining weight is the result of binge eating and lack of exercise. In fact, you are more likely to lose water and electrolytes than fat in the long run.

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