They say beauty is more than skin deep. Well, guess what? They are right. How your skin ages has to do more with what you do to the deep structures under your skin than its surface.

Here are 5 Beauty fixes that go beyond just skin deep to give you actual age-defying results in your 40s.


#1 Ultherapy aka The Ultrasound Lift

Ultherapy is the only microfocused ultrasound that goes deep enough to activate deep tissue contraction, which translates to tighter, more lifted skin on the surface. As this is non-invasive and has no downtime, it is perfect for ladies who wants overall skin tightening sans needle.

Pros: This isn’t just age reversal, it is also future prevention as results can last for 12 months or more. Who doesn’t like to hold the hands of time still for a year?

Cons: ultherapy feels like a series of little ‘pricks’ on the skin. For some patients who dislike the discomfort associated with it, opt for light sedation with a qualified anaesthetist. You will be paying a little more but you will end up with  better results as a more optimal treatment can be delivered as well as shorter treatment time.

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#2 Facial threadlifts aka Collagen threads

Facial threads have undergone major revamp so much so that the latest versions are 100% biodegradable and stimulates collagen growth under the skin. When placed under the skin through tiny injections, they suspend tissues that has fallen to a more lifted position while generating new collagen to hold it in place over time.

Pros: results are visible immediately and may improve over the next few months as collagen growth accumulates.

Cons: There may be some downtime involved. Pin prick marks are possible as is the possibility of mild bruising in susceptible patients.

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#3 Infra Red aka The Light Lift

Light in the 800nm wavelength can generate deep collagen growth which leads to younger looking skin. As part of the Forever young BBL treatment, this no downtime treatment is so quick and easy to do, it can even be done without numbing cream if desired. Best of all, it gives your skin a healthy glow after.

Pros: Can be done for all skin types with no downtime and redness after. So patients can do it at lunch and pop back to work later.

Cons: While a single session may leave you with a healthy glow, several sessions may be needed to see skin lifting and face shaping effects

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#4 Botox Jaw aka The V-shaper

It isn’t just falling skin that women in their 40s notice. One key sign f an aging face is the fact that the jaw looks squarer and the face looks less V-shape over time. We know that a V-shape face is associated with femininity and youth, hence when we lose the V-shape face, the visage will automatically look older. This is in part due to the hypertrophy of our jaw muscles with age. Botox microinjections delivered to this area is highly effective for slimming down the jaw muscles, lending the face a slimmer and more attractive outlook.

Pros: This treatment can also help teeth grinding and in certain cases, reduce a downturned mouth, another key indicator of an aging face.

Cons: Results are not immediate, taking a month to show results. So plan ahead if you intend to use this to dazzle everyone at your cousin’s wedding.

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