With so many advances in the beauty/ aesthetic arena, it is no wonder that women are not short on options when it comes to treatments to look their best. But in the sea of beauty fixes, some stand out as true essentials. These are also the go-tos that the beauty insiders go for annually to keep them looking flawless and incredibly youthful.

Instead of splurging on procedures that may not work (home devices, anyone?), it’s time to smarten up and zero in on the absolute gems. Here are 5 Beauty procedures that we feel every women should do at least once a year.

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#5  Ultherapy

Nicknamed the lunchtime facelift, this microfocused ultrasound device does what all women ultimately want— skin lifting. On top of this, it also helps to slow down the aging process for the next twelve months so you are not always playing catch up with your age. “If enough ultrasound energy is delivered to the correct layers, there should be a significant tightening effect visible over the next three months” explained Dr Low Chai Ling, founder of SW1 Clinic. It’s important to note that not all ultherapies are delivered in the same way, you need to check on whether the device is actually ultherapy or a mere HIFU machine. Secondly, the power settings and the number of shots delivered all contribute to the final result, so choose a reputable doctor and this is not one procedure you want to compete on price for.

The great thing is that this is needle and scalpel free. If you are a pain phobe, opt for twilight sedation for this 30 minute procedure and you will wake up not just younger but more refreshed. The rest of us can get the procedure down with just numbing cream, and the procedure has been described as ‘ant bites’ by some.

Recommended frequency: once a year.

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#4  Nefertiti Lift

This procedure is largely under the radar but we feel this is one of the most important things you can do for your face, that’s actually off-face. Named after the Egyptian Queen with the beautifully sculpted neck, this is a special micro-injection of BOTOX just on the underside of the neck, just hugging your jawline. This helps to release the tension of neck muscles such as platysmal bands that give you the appearance of turkey neck and sagging jowls. Many of overlook how tension leads to overactive neck muscles that contribute to the downward pull of the face. No wonder why most women comment how much more sculpted and defined their jawline looks after a session of Nefertiti Lift. While results last 4 months or so, an annual dose of this treatment will keep your neck and jawline in check so your neck don’t look like the incredible hulk at the end of life’s journey.

Recommended frequency: every 4 months

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#3  Filler Hydrolift

Many people recognise skin sagging as aging but they don’t realise our face loses volume too with age. This means that by doing just skin lifting treatments, you will not be able to fully restore your youthful visage. By using pure hyaluronic acid, dermal fillers such as filler hydrolift is designed to gently replenish the lost collagen stores of our face while lifting your skin further. We especially like this as you don’t look different after the procedure, just inexplicably refreshed. That’s a nice look to have when shadows have been eliminated and your skin has a soft bounce, reminiscent of youth.

Recommended frequency: once per year

#2  Thermage Body

In 365 days, how many days do you spend on the skin of your body? Most women can count the number with one hand. That’s why it’s important, in our opinion, to pay special attention to our body skin at least once a year. The skin of our body can also sag with age, what’s more, it can get dry over time. That’s why Thermage Body is so popular with ex-models who knows the importance of maintaining the sex appeal of taut body skin. Popular areas to focus are tummy and thighs.

Recommended frequency: 1 per year

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#1 Youth Savant

Ever since Youth Savant made its appearance on the aesthetic scene, it has been turning heads all around. This isn’t a filler, nor is it a neuromodulator like BOTOX. It contains PDRN or polydeoxyribonucleotide which makes it a skin DNA repair treatment. Tiny superficial micro-injections deliver this into the skin which will then help to repair and rejuvenate your complexion from within. Women report skin brightening effects with less lines and better hydration. With DNA getting older and more damaged with time, we figured this treatment can give you the leg up in the anti-aging race.

Recommended frequency: every 3 months.

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