Who doesn’t want that flawless complexion with that out-of-the-shower glow? The trick it seems, lies not in the type of makeup you use but the treatments you invest in your skin. Let’s be honest here, no matter what makeup you choose to use, your skin will still look ‘made up’. Having great skin is possibly the best cosmetic for your face. If you are looking to transform your skin, here are the 5 vital treatments you need right now.

#1  BBL Forever Young

An upgrade to the traditional IPL, BBL stands for broadband light and does wonders from lightening blemishes to closing pores. What’s more is that BBL Forever Young features an infra red skin tightening mode that leaves your skin firmer and more toned. This multi-tasking treatment makes it an all-round complexion reviver that is high on everyone’s red carper prep list.

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#2  LED Red

Photobiomodulation lights are a breakthrough in the aesthetic world as they feature low level light sources that can kickstart a series of processes in our skin. LED Red for instance is great for promoting skin healing and overall skin rejuvenation. When paired with your regular facials, they give a more rejuvenative effect to your skin. As resuts are additive, regular session will keep your skin healthy and fresh.

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#3 Retinol Peels

Not all peels are made the same. This is the case for retinol peel. As the name suggests, this peel not only gently exfoliates skin, it also delivers an optimal dose of retinol to the skin. Retinol, a derivative of vitamin A is essential for anti-aging effects as well as reducing the buildup of comedones. In a nutshell, key to a flawless complexion.

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#4 Fraxel Light

Fraxel light is a fractionated erbium laser that goes slightly deeper into the skin to renew damaged and dull skin layers. Though it comes with mild redness lasting 1-2 days, loyalists claim it is totally worth it as it is able to restore blemished and blotchy complexions that needs a deeper overhaul.

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#5  Vitamin Therapy

Not all things good for the skin has to come in the form of a peel or laser. We are totally of the view that sometimes we have to put the goodness back into the skin. Vitamin Therapy uses a customized cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants suited for your skin type, and ensures your skin is optimally saturated with these vital building blocks. Skin is healthy, brighter and more supple after this treatment.

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