Lip Fillers have been around for decades and have had its own share of good and bad press. But the truth is that the end result of lip fillers is up to the technique of the doctor, so if you want to get something tailored for your lips without looking like a duck, the first step is to look for a doctor you can trust, and someone who has had tons of experience in doing lips.

Many people think lip fillers are not for them, but once you read on about how lip fillers can literally bring out your sex appeal, you’ll be rushing out to join the bandwagon.

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#1 Not all Lip Fillers give you big lips


Latest lip fillers can do a variety of things for your lips— filling up lip lines, accentuating the border of your lips, create upturned corners are just some of the things lip fillers can do for your lips. If bigger lips are not on your agenda, then discuss this with your doctor to ensure not too much volume is placed into the body of the lips.

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#2 Our Lips do lose volume with age

Even women blessed with full lips will notice a change in their lips with age. Our lips naturally lose volume with age, making it thinner and flatter. This is why even women blessed with full lips can benefit from lip fillers to restore the fullness of their lips. According to Dr Low Chai Ling, founder of SW1 Clinic “A great proportion of my patients aren’t necessarily those with thin lips, but those looking to restore the fullness of their lips”.

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#3 Lip Lines can be erased with lip fillers

Also known as lipstick bleed lines, these lines just makes the lips look older and more dehydrated. Lip fillers such as Revitalift lips are designed to hydrate the lips without added volume which means that these lip lines can be diminished instantly!

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#4 Restore your cupid’s bow


The middle portion of your upper lip is your cupid’s bow— a vital area that determines how youthful you look. You see, when you are younger, your cupid’s bow is prominent and defined. But this loses its definition and protrusion with age. That is why using lip fillers to rejuvenate this area means an instant surge of sex appeal in the way you look!

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