If you haven’t heard of DNA creams, it is time to jump on the bandwagon. Unlike other products that rely on pretty packaging to tempt the consumers, these DNA creams are backed by some serious science. Hard evidence proving that the formula actually does what it claims to do is the best kind of marketing tool. It’s even more reassuring when it is based on research done by Nobel prize winners.

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The product in question is Gene Therapy, launched by SW1 recently. Mirroring the technology of Nobel Prize–winning DNA-repair technology, Gene Therapy does what many other creams are not able to do. Here are some key skin benefits.

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#1 Reduces aging signs

Gene Therapy dramatically reduces visible signs of aging left behind by UV exposure and other known major environmental aggressors. The DNA repair enzymes (made in coalition with anti-cancer copper peptide technology) essentially audit each DNA strand—identifying, removing, and replacing errors so that the end result is youthful-looking skin.

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#2 It protects skin

It also forms a protective shield, helping the skin to ward off future aging environmental factors. If you think wearing sunscreen is enough protection, you would be disappointed to see that results of studies show that sunscreen use can only ward off up to about 40% of extrinsic aging. Adding DNA repair enzymes to the fray can help your skin optimally recover from any skin damage it incurs each and every day, thus resulting in younger looking skin in the future.

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# It reduces photodamage

Clinical studies have found that in just four weeks, signs of photodamage decreased by 41%. In fact, the science is so compelling that we wanted to bathe in it from head to toe.

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