The cosmetic industry would like us to think that we are reliant on them for anti-aging elixirs lest our skin sags to our knees. We know that aging is an inevitable process and that there are a plethora of treatments and products touted to help this decline, but what actually works?

Most importantly, what can we do in the comforts of our own home that can slow down this decline. After all, we’d all like to think that the power to stop aging in its tracks lies not in the hands of powerful mega-cosmeceutical companies but in our own hands.

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#1 Facial Exercises

This may come as some surprise but there are some studies (albeilt small scale) that shows that facial exercises have shown to have positive and noticeable benefits in women wth sagging skin. A series if facial exercises done daily over a period of time resulted in reduction of wrinkles and a more lifted facial appearance. The study targeted various muscles of expression in the upper, middle, and lower face, by means of 6 exercises: (1) lifting the eyebrows and frowning the forehead, (2) approximating the eye-brows, (3) closing the eyes with strength, (4) protruding the lips, (5) spreading the lips, and (6) contracting the right and left cheek against resistance. Each exercise was done once a day, and each position was held for 7 seconds. Isometric exercises appeared to be the most common type of treatment, together with isotonic exercises in some patients (ie, strength training in which the tension of the muscle does not change). For instance, an isotonic exercise used to reduce forehead wrinkles consisted of lifting the eyebrows as much as possible for a few seconds, then slowly releasing them. The exercise was repeated several times. Other exercises included in some studies were mas-sage and stretching. In several studies, patients also received general advice and guidelines on facial care (eg, use of sun protection and sunglasses), the importance of hydration, and the adverse effects of smoking.

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#2 Microneedling

Microneedling involves using a roller with mutiple little pins to stimulate collagen regeneration under the skin. Barbaric as it may sound, many home devices with similar functions are now available due to its efficacy. The only issue with home rollers is that they are often shallower and repeated use of the same roller will lead to blunting of the ‘needles’ and injury to the skin. There is also an issue with sterility as the roller may be reused and in a non-sterile setting. Therefore, improvements to this technique involves using an automated microneedling pen that has disposable one-use sterile tips to deliver the same effect. Best done in a clinical or spa setting, this technique can be found in facials such as PDRN Cellular Facial which works at a deeper level to rejuvenate and renew skins than traditional facials. Microneedling serves two important purposes— firstly, it stimulates collagen growth and in studies have been shown to improve fine lines and wrinkles, secondly, the micro-channels created aids in the penetration of active ingredients such as PDRN more quickly into the skin. This allows faster absorption with more visible benefits apparent on the skin after a shorter time.

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#3 BBL

BBL stands for broad band light, and while this is a no downtime light therapy available only at your aesthetic doctor’s office, we’ve included it for a few reasons. Firstly, unlike other treatments which seek to reverse sagging or aging after it has manifested, BBL acts to prevent aging before it happens. Secondly, it works on a deeper level as studies have shown that the gene expression of the skin is actually rejuvenated after BBL. We know that everything starts at a gene level, which means how young or old we look is largely predetermined by our genes. BBL not only delivers visible benefits such as skin brightening and firming but helps our skin behave in a younger manner, Lastly, BBL is a ridiculously simple and pain-free treatment which involves pulses of light being delivered into the skin, The entire process takes less than 30 minutes and clients walk out with no downtime but with skin that looks and behave in a younger manner. In terms of age prevention, we can think of no better investment.

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