I am sure you have heard of online vloggers who have been panned for their ‘looks’ or lack thereof when they reveal their true, unfiltered faces on the digital stratosphere. Unfortunately, the use of digital filters are so rampant nowadays many people are wise to a ‘pretty face’ online.

What creates real buzz is a real-life beauty. Someone who actually resembles their Instagram profile. What makes these beauties coveted is their genuineness. One of the most important feature women desire is flawless skin, according to netizens we interviewed. Why? Because ultimately, any online relationship will have to be taken to the next level in the real world, and there is nothing more disconcerting than to uncover skin ridden with acne, scars and pigment especially when you’ve been flaunting a perfect complexion all the while.

Step in some of the best aesthetic lasers on the market. We’ve round up what are the hottest laser treatments that can just help your skin do a turnaround in a quick few weeks.


#1 Baby Skin Program

The Baby Skin program is so named because a slew of these Thulium based fractioned lasers called BB Aquatouch will help lighten pigment as well as close up open pores. Best of all, the downtime is little— a day of flushing which is a small price to pay for the myriad of skin benefits that it brings. Also, clients report skin that just looks younger and more supple with each session, exactly the same photoshop effect most people crave.

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#2 BBL Forever Young

A new and improved version of your traditional IPL, BBL refers to broadband light which uses light in the visible as well as invisible spectrum to effect a range of skin brightening and skin firming effects. Their key prowess is their ability to turn dull skin into a glowing one, and tone up sagging bits especially around the jawline. The best part is that as it doesn’t have any downtime making it a good red carpet prep for those who desire quick results.

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#3 SmartX

This is the gold standard laser for turning around poor complexions with marks, scars and other dire woes. It uses a fractionated carbon dioxide laser to turn skin around and has deep, long lasting effects on skin elasticity as well as wrinkles. SmartX gives truly transformative effects with patients claiming they see huge improvements in their scars and fine lines even after a session. There is however a price to pay for this beauty transformation, coming at 3-5 days downtime of browning and flaking. However, it may be a small price considering the improvements you are likely to see after.

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#4 Neogen Plasma

This is not technically a laser but a plasma treatment. Plasma, being the fourth state of matter, and it’s claim to fame is its ability to renew skin replacing it with tighter, firmer and a brighter complexion. Most excitingly, this can be used on the upper eyelid, and area not many lasers can reach, thus giving hope to millions looking to rejuvenate their eye area, both upper and lower eyelids.

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#5 Laser Peels

Pores is the bane of our existence, especially for women living in warmer , tropical climates. That’s why laser peels are so popular amongst brides and celebs going under the lense of the cameras as they reduce the size of the pores, mattify the skin and give a smooth, poreless finish to most complexions.

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