You may look as youthful as your high school classmate but give or take two decades and both of you could look as different as night and day. Experts say that while genetics play a role in how you look when you are younger, how you eventually age will largely depend on external factors like how you care for your skin. Subject your skin to an onslaught of sins and be prepared to deal with the consequences in the years to come. Treat your skin with respect and you will stand to reap beautiful rewards. Delayed gratification is after all the best gratification there is, isn’t it?

We looked at how women around the world aged and here are the 5 most important habits to avoid if you want to look your best beyond your 40s.

#1 Not Savvy About Sun Protection

Many women claim they don’t need sun protection because they are not out in the sun. UV rays reach us even when we are not frolicking at the beach. Whether we are walking to lunch or driving to work, sun’s rays will impact our skin with its ill effects accumulating over time.

Sunscreen is not the only way to ensure our skin stays fair and supple. New age skin supplements such as Purewhite radiance capsules that provide both sun protection factor for the entire body as well as skin whitening effects are a smart way to protect your skin. The key to active sun protection is layering, so don’t stop with just oral skin supplements but layer on sunscreen topically. We love BB anti-pigment crème for it’s dual sun protectyion and skin lightening effects. Those who like a non-greasy finish can consider Guardian Angel, this face wash ionically binds SPF to your skin so your skin has an invisible layer of protection without any greasy after feel.

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#2 Not Taking Anti-Aging Measures Early Enough

The question many people ask is: am I too young to start anti-aging measures? The truth is that you start aging as soon as you reach your 20s. These aging signs may be invisible but they will accumulate towards how old or young you eventually look. If you are adding to your aging balance with habits such as binge drinking, smoking or sleepless nights, you can be sure to look older before your time. Anti-aging measures doesn’t have to mean thick, rich night creams, they can be as simple as using an eye serum for your undereye skin or using a antioxidant enriched gel below your usual moisturiser. We love Red Tourmaline for its potent astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant that pays great dividends when it comes to the anti-aging game. Other well-studied antioxidants that show promise in keeping skin youthful and supple include retinols and vitamin C, both important if you want your skin to receive the best protection against the passage of time.

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#3 Not Doing Enough For your Eyes

It’s a myth that eye creams are only for people above 40. The eye area has delicate skin that is devoid of oil glands. Whether you are 20 or 60, the eye area is the first area to show signs of dryness and lines. Suffice to say, this is one area that needs special hydration even in your 20s. If you are in your 20s, you can opt for a light eye serum such as Liquid Gold that can help hydrate the skin without excess greasiness as well as brighten dark eye circles. In your 30s and 40s, you may want to bring out the heavy artillery in the form of Dream Cream, a heavier eye cream that does double duty brightening dark eye circles and erasing fine lines.


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#4 Not Spending Time On Your Skincare Routine

You can have the best skin care ingredients but they only work when they get into the skin. Spending some time on your skincare routine means you are able to massage each step carefully into the skin. Start with a cleanser and toner, then followed by water-based gels or serums. The follow with the heavier or oilier cream based products. Just slapping on your skincare does not give you most bang for your buck, and you may not see the results that you are hoping for.

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#5 Not Tackling The Invisible Signs of Aging

Many women only start to tackle the visible signs of aging as they crop up—the first wrinkle, the first age spot. But there are invisible signs of aging that take place years before they surface on our skin. Whenever you go into the sun, or suffer skin inflammation from an acne outbreak or a sunburn, your skin is taking a beating. There is collagen breakdown, pores become more obvious, and your complexion starts looking dull and lackluster. Building good collagen stores under your skin using lasers such as BB Aquatouch found in Baby Skin program can help ensure your complexion stays glowing, bright and youthful for longer. Think of it as a breath of fresh air for your skin, it revitalizes skin that has been damaged over time, even before the first signs of aging appear.

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