We all know someone like this. She waltzes into the room immaculately dressed, and puts the rest of us into despair with her dazzling looks. She looks at least 10 years younger than her age, and upon revealing her age, she draws incredulous gasps. How does she look so youthful, juggle her life and seemingly have it all?

We spoke to some of these overachieving super-agers who believe that they can have it all in life. We love their attitude and whatever they are having, we want some of it, starting with some of their most treasured beauty habits.

#1 They sleep, sleep, sleep

While they may seem like they have more hours in a day than the rest of us mere mortals, one thing they do not compromise on is sleep. Even if they pull a few late-nighters, they will always pay it back with a good weekend lie-in. Sleep is also known as beauty sleep for a good reason. Without sleep, your skin suffers, and even if it doesn’t show up immediately, you will ultimately pay the price. Sleepless nights have been shown to make complexions dull, sensitive, more prone to breakouts and so on. Not to mention the dark eye circles and fine lines that crop up around the eyes. Of course there are some effective dark eye circle therapies such as Revitalift Eye but as they say, prevention is better than cure.

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#2 They do drink coffee

Coffee is one of the mostly widely consumed beverages on the planet, and it’s also among the most widely studied. While it can cause problems for some people (such as heartburn, tremor, or palpitations), it’s a source of pleasure and enjoyment for millions. Amongst the super-agers we spoke to, most admitted to consuming at least a cup of coffee a day. “A life saver” one called it. Studies have shown that coffee has been linked with a number of health benefits, ranging from reductions in type 2 diabetes and liver cancer to greater longevity. It has also been shown recently to help with rosacea of the skin. While the jury is still out on coffee, it seems that moderate consumption of this hotly debated beverage may do more good than harm.  So there is no reason to skip your morning latte if that’s what gets you going every day.

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#3 They nip it in the bud

Super agers adopt a pragmatic approach when it comes to their skin. When a problem crops up, they take immediate action. And they do so with the best available treatment they can find, rather than beating around the bush with untested and unproven salon type treatments. “When I first saw melasma creeping up on my skin, I made an appointment with my dermatologist to get Pico Pigment laser the very next week” one told us. This extends to their bodies as well, with many jumping into action as soon as their weight shows slight fluctuation. “I find it is always easier to lose 1 kg with diet and exercise than to ignore the problem, and have to deal with 8kg later” one lady told us.

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#4 They invest in the best skincare

When it comes to their skin, super agers go for only the best. Their rationale is that they have only so much time on their hands and their dermis can only absorb so many different ingredients a day, so why not go for the best? “I don’t think I have used a plain moisturizer for the past 10 years” says one. “I have always been using very targeted skin creams with active ingredients such as astaxanthin, vitamin C or resveratrol”.

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#5 They set aside ‘me’ time to recharge

Be it for their mind or their bodies, super agers know that to get longevity you need to have time to recharge. They also know that what you do now will affect what you have in the future, that is why they will set aside time no matter how busy they are to take care of their skin, hair and body. It can be a 20 minute Revage light therapy to prevent hair loss or a LED Red facial such as Deep Red to cleanse and rejuvenate their skin. These little pockets of downtime ensure that they are constantly investing for their future so they look better.

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