The ‘M’ word is much dreaded amongst women hitting their 50s and beyond. Yes, we are talking about menopause. Somehow women feel that once they hit this dreaded milestone, it is the end of their youth. However, this is not true. In fact, feminists are beginning to view this as a beginning of newfound freedom and not the end!

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Freedom of having regular periods, hormonal cravings and periodic acne are some of the upsides. There are however downsides to menopause as we all know— hot flushes, dry skin are some. The key to navigating your menopause successfully is to know what to expect and pre-empt the possible symptoms with some clever tweaks in your lifestyle. This way women in their 50s and beyond can literally have their cake and eat it too! Take these active steps to stay looking fabulous even after menopause.

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#1 Counter the Sag

The two components of skin that help keep it firm, smooth and plump—collagen and elastin—naturally diminish with age. However, declining oestrogen levels during menopause can speed up that decline, causing sagging skin and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Try: Counter the sag with retinol face cream and a retinol based neck oil (the neck does need a richer product as it is devoid of oil glands). Stimulate collagen and lift skin with a session of Thermage FLX. Don’t forget to replace the loss facial volume with new age fillers such as Volume High Definition lift, this puts back the baby softness and suppleness in your face naturally.

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#2 Beat Dryness

Blood capillaries under your skin’s surface work to bring oxygen and nutrients to the top, helping to strengthen the barrier function of the skin. Since oestrogen partially controls their growth and maintenance, blood flow to the skin is often reduced during menopause, contributing to a thinning and increased water loss through the skin. The result: chapped, flaky, scaly dry skin.

Try: Substitute foaming cleansers for gentle non-foaming facial washes such as Warm Vanilla. This keeps your skin clean without stripping it of unnecessary moisture. Use a facial moisturizer that excels in holding water in such as Luminizing II and hydrate your skin all day with a facial mist such as Replenish. This will impart a dewy finish to your skin that will leave even younger ladies envious.


#Foil Acne

It may feel unfair, but if you experienced acne during puberty, you’re likely to have a recurrence during perimenopause. This is due to the shift in the balance of oestrogen and testosterone; breakouts are common on the chin and neck.

Try: Using drying pimple lotions that you used to use in your teens will cause your skin to feel irritated and sensitive. Go for Clear Bliss, a non-drying, skin soothing anti-acne gel that is suitable for all skin types including dry, sensitive skin. Go for a few sessions for I-Clear photomodulation lights that have been shown to reduce acne lesions effectively.

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You may have thought your facial hair were a thing of the past but the shift in the balance between androgen and estrogen levels can lead to excessive hair growth (called hirsutism)—particularly on the chin, upper lip and cheeks. You might experience growth of single, thick dark hairs on your chin or notice peach fuzz–like hair on your face.

Try: Laser Hair Removal is the way to go to get rid of these facial hair once and for all, safely and effectively.

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# Combat Hair Loss & Thinning

Even if you had long, thick locks as a young woman, this transformative time can change the look and feel of your hair and scalp in a dramatic or subtle manner. Here’s what may happen—and what you can do to minimize symptoms. As your estrogen and progesterone production declines, you may begin to notice hair loss or thinning—a side effect of menopause that about half of women say they experience to some degree before they turn 50.

Try: Revage 670 laser, a painless 30 minute therapy where you sit under rotating low level lights. It has been shown to promote hair regrowth, halt hair thinning and thicken fragile hair. Add Revitascalp treatment to strengthen hair roots and invigorate the scalp.

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