The prospect of travelling to a new country for work can be exciting and daunting at the same time. The venture might be bold, but what’s gained will be truly worth the move.

Uncharted territories take an astute amount of acclimatization before it actually feels like home. When all the customary groundwork like accommodation and means of commute is all sorted out, your personal well-being checklist comes next.

If you’re reading this as an expat working on our sunny island, how well-prepared are you, for the exotic and erratic melting pot (literally) that is Singapore?

Most countries have the privilege of experiencing 4 seasons; a respite from all the extremities of climate… but not here in Singapore. One of the toughest things to adapt to is the perpetually sweltering weather.

One can either like it or hate it depending on where you’re from, but one thing that transcends preference is your skin’s reaction to the unrelenting heat.

The UV rays from the sun are extremely harmful to the skin, and might even give rise to skin diseases if over-exposed on sensitive skin. Getting an unwanted tan is the least of your issues in this heat.

Always invest in a chemical-free product that comprehensively shields you from the sun while also functioning as a primer, before you step out of the house.


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Food for Thought

Whether you’re soaking up or seeking shelter from the sun, another thing that might take a little getting used to is the food.

Singapore is well-known for its amalgamation of cultures, with 4 or more races making up the core of the country, so naturally there is luxury of choice when it comes to food options.

Local food is extremely flavorful and packs a spicy kick to it, which could be alienating for your digestive system and give rise to various dietary issues and acne.

Before you get attuned to the local fare here, get your hands on a dietary supplement that cleanses your system daily and regulates your bowel movements, to prevent bloating and digestives issues.

If you’re privy to the occasional detox, pair your dietary supplement with the Purification 1-Day Cleanse, a liquid supplement that will stimulate all your detoxification pathways to eliminate all the toxins.

No multiple ingredients, no mixing and blending – all you need to do is to mix the product with water… and you’re all set.


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The Central Beauty District

Singapore is renowned for being the choice business hub for global businesses looking to set up operations in Asia, because of our solid economic infrastructure.

This also explains the influx of foreign talent coming in to oversee operations, and the said talent (yourself possibly included) usually congregate and exercise their expertise at the Central Business District, the hub within the hub.

If you’re working or living around the CBD, don’t ever think for once it’s just all work and not much else going on. There is much to do for R&R in the CBD, if you’re opting to evade the hustle and bustle of Orchard Road.

A spade of gymsyoga studios and quaint eateries line the stretch of the CBD, where you can put in a little bit of work and have a nice, quiet meal where foot traffic is sparse on weekends.

If you’re looking to pamper yourself a little, your self-care package awaits at the newly opened SW1 Clinic at OUE Downtown.

Perfect for all who find their skin still a little wonky thanks to the tropical weather, treat yourself to a facial cocktail at SW1’s bespoke facial bar.

Boasting an extensive, fully-customizable menu that will reach and breach the toughest corners of your skin ailments, this 70-minute procedure is as effective as it is swift.

Actually, scratch that. Why wait for the weekends, when you can have yourself a (facial) cocktail during your lunchtime?


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