Lips are very possibly the most under-maintained feature of your face. Low on the pecking order to the cheeks and eyes and the nose, what you are neglecting might actually come back to greatly exaggerate your age in the long run.

The loss of volume in your lips due to ebbing collagen production will first be observed as you age… but might just fall under the radar if you pay no attention to it.

Then come the increasing lip lines which essentially equate to wrinkles, and the thinning lips, giving your face a sallow disposition devoid of vigor, and stained darkened lips where application of a nice shade of lipstick is futile, because it just doesn’t show well.

Now that I’ve gotten your attention, let us look at how you can show your lips a little more TLC, if you haven’t done so already.


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Like a Rose

The solution to the loss of volume in your lips lies in a diminutive bottle you can carry around everywhere you go. The Rose Quartz Lip Moisturizing serum is a generous upgrade from your conventional lip-moisturizing balm.

The ingredients that this liquid serum contains not only help moisturize your lips in a dry setting, it actually restores the softness and suppleness of your lips as well, smoothening out lip lines and brightening your natural lip shade along the way.

Apply this as a base coat for your lipstick, and once per day and night for lips to die for.

Your partner is going to love this product too… when you give him or her a peck on the lips!


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Emerald Oil

If you’re looking to kill two birds with one stone, the stone you’re looking for is the Emerald Oil.

Packaged and marketed as a vitamin-rich Anti-aging Eye Treatment oil, this product packs a hidden punch – it works for your lips as well.

Its ability to reduce eye bags, dark eye circles and fine lines can be applied with great effect on your lip lines and stained lips with only one difference: where it can remove the puffiness of your eyes, the Emerald Oil actually plumps up your lips when applied.

Make your friends green with envy with your beautiful eyes and luscious lips… all you need is one of these.


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Gift of the Fab

The weekend is finally here, and you’re craving for some self-pampering. After a facial cocktail or two, you now know better than to neglect showing some love for your lips.

No better way to treat yourself than the Lip Fabulosity spa treatment, a ‘spa’ session just for your precious lips.

This is akin to the manicure and pedicure but for your lips: polishing, cleaning, softening and brightening by way of curated fruit enzymes, against a backdrop of a soothing spa environment.

This is what I mean by TLC: tender lip care.


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