Gravity is supposed to just keep us grounded, quite literally. But sometimes along the way this force of nature might end up being a little too powerful for its own good, and pull what we want to keep lifted down to the ground.

Thus goes the saying ‘What goes up, must come down.’

This saying sadly applies to our skin as we grow older. As our body loses the spring in its step, we start to lose the game of tug of war with gravity, as our skin starts to loosen and sag.

Before you start to look like you’re 30 going on 50, here are 5 ways you can fight the pull of gravity, and keep things from going south.


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Gene Therapy

The last time I tried buying this product, I was told it was sold out… both in the physical outlets and online. Upon it’s restock, I stocked up by getting all 8 bottles they had at SW1 Clinic in Paragon.

This product is truly a gamechanger, and those who know it are reaping the effects of it. Forged from the Nobel-winning research of 3 brilliant minds, this is a skin repair serum that goes where none have gone before – the DNA.

Loaded with enzymes that get rid of damaged DNA strands in our body that age us and replacing them with new ones, this product not only acts as a youth elixir… it also doubles up as a sunscreen that works inside and out.


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Porcelain Skin Program

Fair skin with the texture of a baby’s bottom has always ranked high on everyone’s list of beauty goals. The Porcelain Skin program sets out to help you achieve just that.


Consisting of a compilation of the greatest hits in skin whitening and pigment removal, this program is perfect for anyone suffering from the ill effects of photodamage, dark spots and acne pigmentation.


8 sessions Pico Pigment Laser + 4 sessions LED RED therapy + 4 sessions Aquadermabrasion + 4-time Pearl Éclat + 4-time Whitening Facial Wraps


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A surgical facelift might seem to be the only option to prop up a sagging face, but not everyone is privy to the idea of going under the knife.

A non-invasive alternative to liven and rejuvenate a tired-looking complexion littered with wrinkles and eyebags is Thermage.

An FDA-approved procedure that uses radiofrequency waves to penetrate deep into the recesses of the skin to renew collagen production, this treatment works its magic where it matters the most – from the inside.


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Purity Program

The name of this program sells itself – this is for the ones who want pure, untainted skin – especially skin not tainted by the dreaded acne bacteria.

Featuring two of the most lauded lasers in the aesthetics game – the VBeam Perfecta and the Forever Clear BBL, this program tackles pre-existing and imminent attacks of acne, all while firming, smoothening and tightening skin weathered by acne scars and aging.


3 sessions Vbeam Perfecta + 3 sessions Forever Clear BBL + 3 sessions I-Clear + 3 sessions Ultrasonic deep cleansing + 6-time Clarifying Facial Wraps


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Luxe Lift Program

Feel the skin around the area of your neck right now, and make a judgement call. Do you feel loose skin, or is it still firm and supple?

If you’re feeling the former rather than the latter, you might be in need of a Luxe Lift.

The Luxe Lift Program is curated for the purpose of tightening up all the areas of your face gravity has successfully had its way with – the jowls, chin, neck or cheeks.

Throw in the additional brightening and whitening effects this program brings, and you might not have much to complain about after this program.


6 sessions Light Lift + 3 sessions Sygma Lift + 3-time Happy Ending + 3-time Glow Facial Wraps


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