The quest for flawless skin has been age eternal but what does it really mean to have flawless skin. Women have always been seeking the holy grail of flawless skin without knowing exactly what it takes to perfect their complexion even further. We speak to experts to find out what it means to have flawless skin and what steps we can take to get closer to this ideal.


#1 Smaller pores


One feature of flawless skin has to do with the pores. Enlarged pores give complexion a rough appearance, and does not reflect light well. That is why many women seek smaller pores. While photoshop filters can do ‘wonders’ for your pores, women turn to more permanent solutions in real life such as BB Aquatouch. This thulium laser resurfaces rough, dull skin, conferring smaller pores and smoother complexions after a few sessions. The upside is that treatment is very comfortable and there is only mild pinkness of the skin that last for a day which can be easily concealed with makeup.


#2 Clear skin

Most women below the age of 30 agree that the number one skin problem is acne. Increasingly, even women above 30 report an increased occurrence of adult acne. The path to clear skin is paved with good intentions but actually being able to clear the skin is another matter. Most adults find that the usual slew of pimple creams don’t work as well for them because their skin is on the dry and sensitive side. What does work is a combination of Vbeam and Forever Clear BBL laser, which works in tandem to balance, soothe and calm acneic skin as well as lighten marks and blemishes.

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#3 Fair skin

In Asia, a flawless complexion is associated with a fair complexion. Marks such as brown spots and other pigmentary issues can be easily treated with the highly effective Pico Pigment laser. Because of its picosecond laser pulses, it is able to shatter pigment cells into minute dust compared to the larger fragments of the traditional pigment laser. This results in a faster clearance in a shorter time. Combine this with a skin brightener like Forever Young BBL which uses broadband light to mop up excess pigment and lighten skin tone.

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#4 Smooth skin

Skin texture is oft overlooked quality of our skin. When our complexion is ridden with unevenness and pitted scars, the overall appeal of our skin falls. That is why skin resurfacing lasers are a vital weapon in our beauty arsenal when it comes to rejuvenating our skin texture. Our favourite picks include SmartX, a fractionated CO2 laser that spares no effort when it comes to evening out the skin. Not keen for the 3-5 days downtime? Then try SmartX Lite, a lighter version of the original thing that gets you there in baby steps, but with significantly less downtime (1 day or so).

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# Inner Glow

Everybody talks about glowing skin. The question is how do you get glowing skin that looks luminous and hydrated? The key is to hydrate the skin dermis so that your skin not only feels soft and plump but also has a dewy appearance. This can be achieved with skinboosters type microinjections such as Revitalift Face. They use microdroplets of hyaluronic acid to replenish skin so it is well hydrated and nourished. The upside is that you see immediate results after your very first session and it lasts for months after!

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