So you’ve huffed and you’ve puffed, and you’ve given birth to a bundle of joy.


All the months of eating for two, the backaches from carrying the ever-growing bun in your oven, and mood swings have finally culminated in the birth of your beautiful, healthy baby.

Childbirth is arguably the most challenging rite of passage a woman goes through in her life, and all tough challenges completed should be befitting of an equally sumptuous reward.

Let’s look at how you can reward yourself by looking way better as a mother than you did, pre-pregnancy.


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The Cleansing Begins

During the course of your pregnancy, the embargo on all kinds of sinful food cravings are lifted, because you have uncontrollable and random cravings, and you’re doing it ‘for the baby’.

It is natural to observe a little bit of weight gain, even after the birth of the baby. Sure, your stomach’s flat now, but the flab and the bloating still remain.

Reboot your digestive system with a little bit of no-frills detoxification with the Purification 1-Day Cleanse, a one-step detox supplement that requires no blenders or strict diets.

Best paired with the Daily Cleanse, a bowel regulator for the complete detoxification experience.


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Stretched Too Thin?

During the course of your pregnancy, your skin’s elasticity gets stretched to its limit, and tautness of your skin is definitely compromised upon childbirth.

Cellulite and stretch marks present the harsh reality of how child-bearing comes at the expense of your skin.

Do not let your confidence take an unwarranted hit, because you deserve to feel and look great after your pregnancy. The Vbeam Perfecta is a hit amongst new mothers, because of the fact that it tackles postpartum stretch marks and cellulite with brutal efficiency.

Non-invasive and performed in the comfort of a spa-like environment, this procedure actually takes care of your pigmentation, acne scars, and even unsightly leg veins as well.

Might as well, right?


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From Flab to Fab

Now that all of the stretch marks and cellulite have been ironed out, it’s time to look at the bigger picture; the overarching issue that all newly minted mothers will inevitably face – the weight gain.

Apart from starting to watch what you eat now that the random cravings have subsided, exercise is also important… although you’ve probably been advised to avoid strenuous activity.

This is where post-partum friendly alternatives like Coolshape and Onda Body Magic come into the picture.

Apart from the non-invasive nature of these procedures, each treatment is tailored to cater to different body types.

The Coolshape procedure is intended for individuals more inclined towards shedding significant amounts of fat. This procedure employs leading-edge ‘cooling’ technology to break down fatty cells with minimum discomfort.

The Onda Body Magic, on the other hand, is more suited for those who are already on the  cusp of attaining their ideal weight, and just need a little bit of sculpting  and contouring to really rock that midriff-baring top.

Use both in tandem, and you get the best of both worlds – fat loss, and a flat tummy to boot.


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