Let us start off with some expectations:

  • Everybody wants a body and a booty like J Lo.
  • In a perfect world, there will be nary a fold of fat that spills out of your top or dress when you’re sitting down.
  • No love handles – I want a body they can’t handle instead.
  • I’m slim, and I got the abs to hit the beach in an itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny yellow polka-dot bikini.
  • Gym sessions pay off; I like how I look in the mirror when I take a post-gym Instastory.

Now, let the reality of it all set in:

  • The only thing ‘Lo’ about me, is my self-esteem. I’m fleshy in all the wrong places.
  • I actually need to tuck out my top when I sit down, or it’ll get caught in the clothing trap I call my folds of fat.
  • It not like I haven’t tried – nothing works for my love handles. I have so much of it, kids cling on to them for support on the bus.
  • Speaking of beach, I look like a beached whale.
  • I want to give my all in the gym, but the good ol’ sports injury is hindering me from seeing any result for my time invested.

Reality bites, doesn’t it? The consolation is that you’re not all alone in this. I’m sure there are many out there who have checked one, if not more of these boxes on this expectations/reality checklist.


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The Envy is Real

It’s hard not to check ourselves when we chance upon a taut, sculpted body in the magazines and on TV, and realize how far off the course we are in terms of achieving that.

Factor in long working hours, family time, social gatherings, and the copious servings of ‘food porn’ on social media, and that perfect body seems even further out of reach…

Not by your own means anyway, at least!


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Working Out… Without Working Out

There will always be a market for anyone who has body envy, and want their bodies to be the subject of envy instead. For the kind of demand that is out there, the supply is steady and improving in quality as well.

One of the latest offerings out there is the comes in the form of magnets. The Magnetic Muscle Sculpting program using the forces of attraction to shape and tone your body to your desire – and you don’t even need to be in gym clothes for that.

Utilizing the technology known as Functional Magnetic Stimulation (FMS), this program directly activates the motor neurons in the body, resulting in the contraction and enhanced definition of the muscles that have been hiding under your flesh.

On top of muscle definition, FMS also enhances metabolism of  the cells and circulation of the blood, something all with recurring sports injuries would be relieved to hear.

One session of Magnetic Muscle Sculpting is actually equivalent to effect of 10,000 to 20,000 sit-ups, depending on the intensity requested. I don’t know about you, but I would struggle at 20… let alone a thousand-fold of that.

All of this intensity…in the reclined comfort of an air-conditioned treatment room.


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About that Excess Baggage…

A healthy diet and exercise cannot be completely disregarded of course, but you just do not have to push yourself to outrageous limits anymore, to get that dream figure.

For those packing a little bit of excess baggage but want a fast track to that toned torso and derriere, combine the prowess of Magnetic Muscle Sculpting with fat-busting powerhouses like the Coolshape and Onda Body Magic – you’ll be right there with the various subjects of your body envy in no time at all.


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