The red carpet has been rolled up for the inaugural Emmy Awards for a couple of days now, but the dust has barely settled on the coverage of the best and worst-dressed celebrities for this annual event.

All eyes were on the cast of Game of Thrones, as they came together for the penultimate reunion at an awards show, with the critically acclaimed series having run its final course earlier this year.

I was impressed by Game of Thrones’ 12-award haul on that night, but I’ll admit I was actually more interested in who wore what, and who dazzled or and who didn’t.


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Oh, Emilia

It was a free-for-all of glitz and glamour on that night, but it was none other than the Queen of Dragons herself, Emilia Clarke that shone the brightest (for me at least).

Channeling J Lo circa 2000 with a looooooow cut navy floor-length gown by Valentino Haute Couture, she absolutely bossed that plunging neckline with a confidence that oddly complemented her bubbly and vivacious personality.

It was also precisely because of her always-smiling nature, that I could help but realise something during one of her close-ups with the camera: the lines around her eyes.


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No Laughing Matter

Emilia Clarke’s laughter has become a trait of endearment to all of her fans, and she has been known to be always smiling or laughing in more candid moments off the set.

Mix all that constant laughter along with the dryness of the English weather and sun exposure, and you get crow’s feet, wrinkles or creases in the skin that appear around the outer corners of the eyes.

No one should be punished like this just for being happy… especially not our precious Mother of Dragons!


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What About You?

If you’re starting to get conscious about your own laugh lines after reading this, you ought to.

Emilia’s only 32 this year, but the presence of those lines around her eyes have easily piled on a good 3 years on her – at least.

The bad news is, these lines only tend to multiply or get more pronounced with non-maintenance.

The good news is, it’s never too late to do something about it.


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Eye Am Fabulous

It is not uncommon these days to turn to Botox around the eyes to iron out the creases around your eyes and mouth.

Micro-injections of Botox around your eyes introduce purified protein that smoothen out the lines caused by expression.

If needles and injections are really not your kinda thing, plasma energy can be another source for your eye trouble.

Known as the Neogen Plasma, this is a virtually painless non-invasive procedure that delivers controlled pulses of plasma energy to deep skin tissue, replacing old and damaged collagen  that causes the wrinkles.

On the self-care front, there are measures you can take into your own hands to decrease that crease.

The religious application of eye elixirs like Liquid Gold Eye Illuminating Serum can help to reduce significant signs of aging around your eyes, with its powerhouse of ingredients that not only act as the perfect base for your makeup, it also hydrates, repairs and renews the skin cells around your eyes.


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