So the stars have somehow aligned – the skincare products you’re using are *FINALLY*  working like a charm, and your friends are actually waxing lyrical about how fair and fresh you look these days…though there is still one niggling bone to pick with your complexion.

Those darned enlarged pores just do not go away – and it actually shows even with make- up.


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A Few Bumps in the Road

The fact that you’ve rid your skin of pigmentation, discoloration and dark spots is a victory in itself, but the job is just not quite done yet, if you’ve had a history of acne or bear its scars.

Enlarged pores can not only be quite visible to the skin, they can easily bring about a relapse of acne if they end up getting clogged again.

Pores; you can live without them, but you can’t live without them as well. While they may be the cause of all our acne and uneven complexion, they are also responsible for purging out the toxins from our body in the form of sebum and perspiration.

If we’re going to have to live with the existence of pores on our face, we would all like to keep them out of view as much as possible… it just makes things smoother for you, where beauty is concerned.

Here are 3 expert-approved methods to achieve that perfect texture for your complexion.


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Crystal Healing

Enlarged pores can be the perfect nesting grounds for a lot of environmental debris that can become the kind of bacteria that can cause acne and further enlargement of pores.

The need for exfoliation has never been more dire, and that is where Crystal Healing comes into the fray.

Harnessing the prowess of cell renewal via its ingredients, this multi-purpose facial product not only functions as an exfoliating scrub for the unclogging of pores and removal of dead skin cells, it also doubles up as a rejuvenating mask for healing your skin.

Definitely the self-help you need to get your pores to disappear.


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Oxygen Facials

Do not write oxygen off as just the air that keeps us alive – it can actually be a beautification tool well, in the form of Oxygen Facials.

The bubbles from this relaxing spa treatment activate upon contact with your skin, effectively breathing new life into dull complexions caused by enlarged pores or fatigue.

This facial is also essentially a detox for the skin, cleaning out clogged pores and fixing excess sebum production, giving the skin the calm and balance it needs, while nullifying acne bacteria, pre-existing or imminent.


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This one’s for the ones who are still prone to the odd breakout, on top of those cruel enlarged pores.

Acne remains one of the most common skin conditions ever, and there are either the ones who have survived acne with the scars to show for it, or the individuals who are still prone to its attacks. Not everyone survives acne and lives to tell the tale unscathed.

The I-Clear program is the unbiased solution to anyone who have had, or are still having ugly encounters with acne.

Helmed by groundbreaking lightwave technology, this painless procedure uses varying intensity levels of light to deal with different levels of acne bacteria, with only one outcome: the complete obliteration of it all.

Pores clogged with acne bacteria are cleansed and shrunk, clearing up and smoothening out the general complexion of your face.

Oh, did I mention one session only takes up 20 minutes of your time?


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