Skincare investments and financial investments are not very far off from each other. If you invest your money right, the magic of compounding interest can turn you into a very rich person. If you invest in your skin form the start, you will be rewarded with an impossibly youthful visage and an effortlessly flawless complexion in years to come. The old saying that: you get what you pay for, really holds true when it comes to the long term benefits yielded by different treatments.

To help you navigate the convoluted world of aesthetic treatments, we shortlist 5 of the most promising aesthetic innovations that are guaranteed to compound its benefits over time, leading to skin that becomes more effortless with each passing year. Sure, we sometimes want the immediate gratification of short-lived treats like a chemical peel but it’s these long term, forward paying therapies that is going to make the real difference in the long haul. If you haven’t tried any of them, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon and ensure your skin is in the best hands in the years to come. Think delayed gratification x 10.

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Pure white Radiance capsules by Heliocare

Technically, this isn’t a treatment but a capsule that you take each day. Another crowd favourite among the aesthetic-savvy consumers, Heliocare purewhite radiance comprises of the benefits of Fernblock and includes the White Tech Complex which controls and blocks the main enzyme that is responsible for melanin production. Why we love it is because it confers natural SPF protection which in itself is priority when it comes to slowing extrinsic aging. Secondly, its Fernblock extracts helps to lighten pigmentation from the inside out, what’s there not to love?

Image result for heart vectorWhy you should invest: Thinking of fair, pigment free complexion? Then this is your best bet.

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Youth Savant

Youth Savant is not a new therapy, in fact it has been around for a few years but the hype just seems to keep growing as it gains loyal followers from all walks of life. It is microinjections of a protein called PDRN which can help repair and reverse DNA damage of your skin. Essentially aging is due to irreparable skin DNA damage which leads to changes such as elastosis and wrinkles. By targeting the root cause of this aging process, it helps to retard the formation of these aging signs so your skin will age in the most graceful manner possible. Immediate benefits include glowing, dewy skin as well as a surge in skin hydration.

Image result for heart vectorWhy you should invest: Skin that is more resilient to skin woes (dryness, irritation, fine lines) and aging is the result of Youth Savant treatments.

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Youth Preserve

Youth Preserve is a skin remodeling treatment that uses Profhilo microinjections to stimulate your skin’s growth of collagen and other growth factors. While it is made of hyaluronic acid, it is not a filler as it is chemical free (most fillers have the compound BDDE) and it’s sustained release formulation means that it provokes anti-aging changes in the skin for months after one session. There are only 5 injections needed for each side of the face to remodel the entire cheek and lower face. Think of it as changing the ‘mattress’ of the skin to a more bouncy, suppler and firmer version. Only 3 treatments are needed at strict intervals of one month apart and then 6 months apart for optimal results.

Image result for heart vectorWhy you should invest: Face that stays firm, lifted, bouncy and supple, that’s the result of more than just good fortune.

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There are many ultrasound devices out there but they are essentially divided into the superficial ones that may give some immediate lifting benefits but less long term benefits and the deep ones that excel in really changing the way the skin ages in the long run. Ultherapy falls into the latter as it uses microfocused ultrasound that can target the deep layers of the skin to activate skin contraction and lifting. Because of its deep reaching effects, it continues to improve the shape and lift of your face for 3 months and results maintaining for a year after.

Image result for heart vectorWhy you should invest: Tighter skin, more sculpted jawline, diminishing double chin— these are the benefits that ultherapy will confer.

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Nefertiti Lift

Much overlooked by many, the Nefertiti Lift is a special technique of using Botox microinjections to relax the downward pull of platysmal neck bands which reside at the base of your jawline and neck. By doing so, your neck will look younger and slimmer (like the queen Nefertiti, hence its name). Secondly, relaxing this pull means that the lower jawline will be left lifted and more defined. As we age, we are frequently competing with the passage of time and gravitational forces, over which we have no control. By reducing the downward pull of our neck and jawline muscles, we can over time ensure that our face not only looks lifted, we can also influence how our lower jawline sags with age.

Image result for heart vectorWhy you should invest: A slender neck, more defined and lifted jawline—- that’s why everyone loves Nefertiti Lift.

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