We all have been afflicted with that one big pimple just before a hot date. As we are counting down the days for it to finally disappear, patience turns into despair when we realise that our zit is here to stay.

There are many reasons why we get pimples— from stress, hormonal changes to foods, or just plain bad luck. But fret not, there are plenty of ways we can curtail the duration of our zits and get our complexion back to its pretty flawless state in no time. All we need is a bit of know-how and some aesthetic intervention.

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#1 Apply antibiotic based topical

If you are looking for a home remedy, try an antibiotic based gel or lotion such as Clear Bliss. The trick to big angry zits is not to use products that are too drying or will cause even more skin sensitivity after use, lest you make the situation redder and uglier than it was before. Our favourite is a soothing Clear Bliss gel that is not only non-drying but can help calm the surrounding skin without drying it out.

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#2 Go for I-Clear

Blue low level photobiomodulation light does wonders for zitty skin as it concerts it into a more clarified state. This is great for preventing pimples as well as calming skin that looks like it is about to breakout. One session lasts approximately 30 minutes and it’s completely painless! Lie back and dream of smoother skin, and after a few sessions of I-Clear, your dreams may just be reality.

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#3  Pimple ER

This is a quick fix for that one big zit that just won’t go away. It consists of an intralesional injection of antibiotic and some mild steroid to bring down the inflammation. Clients swear by this as it is said to bring down a pimple in as little as 24 hours. So wave ‘bye bye’ to untimely zits when you arm yourself with Pimple ER.

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#4 Vbeam

A pulse of this can help reduce redness and swelling in 24-48 hours. Vbeam is particularly great for skin that is red, has broken capillaries and is marred with red angry acne. Do it a week before a big event to keep skin as clear as possible.

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