If you’re trawling through your Insta-stories on your daily commute or lunchtime, you will almost see a story of one or more of your friends goofing around on the countless new filter that is introduced by Instagram daily.

The “dog ears’’ got the filter game off to a flying start, and Instagram filters have never stopped trending ever since. With filters coming out faster than you can share them to your feed, there has been one in recent times that has been shared a little more fervently than the rest.

There is a new ‘stiff upper lip’ Instastory effect that has been making the rounds on the internet, and the number of people that are casually using it also kinda reveals a deep-seated desire most of us have… plump, luscious Kendall Jenner-esque lips.


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Loose Lips Sink Ships

This mildly exaggerated version of the ‘in-trend’ lips serves as a sobering reality check for the actual condition of your lips.

One of the most active parts of your face, your lips get exposed to a multitude of contaminants daily. The weather, the food, the aerial pollutants can all contribute to a serious loss of quality of your lips.

Dry, chapped lips, stained lips, increased lip lines, and lip-thinning are some of the more common conditions your lips might (already) be suffering from.

They may not take up the majority of your face, but it’s one of the two zones of appeal upon first impression, next to the eyes.

If you’re not already taking measures to maintain or repair your lips, now’s as good a time as any to start.


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One common issue we might all face with our lips is probably its lack of proper hydration.

When I say proper, I do not mean hydration by way of saliva – that is simply too touch-and-go and doesn’t do much for you in the long run.

Like our faces, our lips deserve a moisturizing product worthy of hydrating on a more intensive level.

An example of such a product will be the Rose Quartz Moisture Lip Treatment. Coming in the form of a super handy tube that fits into your everyday handbag, the nourishing organic ingredients in this product not only helps to moisturize your lips from the inside out, it also softens, volumizes and restores the shade of lips that may have  been stained over time (I’m looking at you, smokers!).

A daily dose of this lip elixir before or after lipstick application is all you need to retain the luster of your lips.


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If a self-check has already rendered you a victim of lip lines, staining or loss of volume, all is not lost. It’s better to have realized to have not at all.

Your salvation comes in the form of Revitalift, a much-lauded procedure for multiple areas of the body that need a little bit of lifting and tightening.

A non-invasive procedure performed by micro-injections of collagen-boosting hyaluronic acid into the desired areas, the main crux of Revitalift is how it gives your skin the exuberant spring and volume it deserves, but cannot discount its ability to smoothen out lip lines and hydrate the skin.

A procedure so efficacious, feel free to employ Revitalift on multiple areas of the body, wherever you feel needs the boost.

I even have my pet name for this procedure, having already gone for it thrice.

The nurses will know what I’m talking about when I tell them I’m there for “Revitalips’’ the next time!


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