If you don’t get why your mood swings so violently during your “time of the month”, you probably cannot fathom the weather here in Singapore as well.

One minute you’re scrambling for shelter from the merciless rays of the hot sun as the heat gleefully laps at your skin, and the next minute you’re ankle-deep in a puddle of rainwater, without an umbrella – because who’d expect it to rain when it’s so darn hot right?

This is the climate we have to contend with – much like our PMS. Our skin naturally suffers from this erratic weather, because this ever-changing atmosphere just puts our pores into a dizzy frenzy.


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It’s Gettin’ Hot in Here

It has been known that matter expands when heated, and contracts when cooled. The matter we’re talking about in the skincare context is, of course, our pores.

Our pores are responsible for secreting sebum to hydrate our skin, but when it opens itself up for that purpose, it exposes itself to the likelihood of the entrance of pollutants as well.

When exposed to heat, these said pores expand even further, allowing more dirt and bacteria from the environment to enter our skin. Mix that with the oil our skin produces, and clogging occurs. A result of this congestion? Acne. Cystic acne, if you’re unlucky.

An ultra-light gel-like Clear Bliss is not too crazy on the chemicals, with its composition of natural ingredients, and perfect for gently but fastidiously unclogging pores while getting rid of the bacteria. This product also works for pre-existing pigmentation, softening and eventually eliminating the harsh appearance it has on your skin.


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Wild, Wild Wet

While being blindsided by the rain out of nowhere might bring a little bit of relief due to the loss of heat, but the humidity that it brings along creates another set of problems for your complexion.

The downpour brings about an increased volume of microbial organisms in the environment which may exacerbate your prevailing skin conditions. The moisture stimulates the breeding of bacteria and can cause all sorts of allergies and infections too.

The rain the comes down from the skies is not exactly clean as well, and contains loads of impurities inherent from the environment. Those movie scenes where the lead actress prances around in the pouring rain, head to the skies? Yeah, try not to do that.

It is paramount that you cleanse your skin after exposure to the rain. Invest in a refreshing facial cleanser like Skin Laundry III that contains gold extracts and fruit enzymes helps to detox your skin and dissolves acne-causing bacteria upon application.


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Beyond the Self-Help

Self-care can only bring you a certain distance, and sometimes you might be stuck in a rut that transcends self-administrated relief.

You’re not the only one falling victim to the cranky weather chipping away at your skin’s condition. But you could be the only one that knows how to handle business if you’re reading this.

If your excessive sebum production owing to the sweltering weather is not doing your acne issue any favors, a fuss-free procedure like Micro-Refine will sort things out for you… in an hour or less.

Miniscule doses of Botox have been known to limit the process of perspiration and oil production of your skin, and still, make facial muscle movement perfectly functional.

A few microinjections of that into your face and neck, made virtually painless by numbing cream, can significantly rejuvenate your complexion, tighten your skin, and give your face a translucent appearance, instead of just plain greasy.

Another manner of lightening your facial burden comes in the form of you guessed it – light. The VBeam Perfecta utilizes Pulsed Dye Laser technology to deal with cystic acne, scars, pigmentation, and other heftier facial woes. Zero downtime, non-invasive and done in half an hour.


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