It is so easy to jump on the anti-aging bandwagon these days. Of all the trends that rise and fall through the times, looking youthful will always remain at the top of the pecking order, and be a constant that will never be phased out.

This is something the beauty industry is fully aware of. With a huge cash cow like that waiting to be milked, there naturally is no lack of financially-motivated establishments waiting to make a quick buck or three out of it.

Beauty treatments that promise “immediate results”, and “100% organic ingredients” or are “cheapest in the market for a limited time only” are a dime a dozen and might not be as effective as advertised.

It is therefore absolutely vital for you to be able to sieve through the very populated market and know what kind of treatments really turn back the clock, instead of just draining your wallet.


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Youth Begins and Ends With You

The truth is, there really are idiot-proof (so simple, it’s actually harder for you to mess up) remedies out there that even celebrities swear by. You can actually start to help yourself before you seek further help.

Increasing your intake of superfoods like almonds, blueberries and tomatoes gives your skin the healthy glow and a dollop of youthful exuberance.

Minute lifestyle changes like changing your pillow cases to satin or ones with high thread counts go a long way in prevent breakouts.

The topical use of oils can also prove to be very useful as homemade remedies. Coconut and olive oils are both rich in antioxidants and make for excellent chemical-free moisturizers and skin softeners.

DIY face masks are actually easier to put together than most people think. A few items from your fridge and kitchen can help you keep away those darned wrinkles and fine lines.

A paste made up of a mashed banana, a teaspoon of orange juice and yogurt makes up a mask that can fade dark spots and blemishes while hydrating skin cells. A more comprehensive list of facemasks can be found here.


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Leaving Your Skin In the Right Hands

Now that you’ve done all you can to take charge of your skin, you need to know the right kind of foreign treatments you can subject your skin to.

With the abundance of beauty spas and salons offering up more than a handful of treatments, it is very easy to let the competitive pricing dictate your buying decision.

Some facials come at excellent price points, but the contents of the procedure might be sensitive to one’s skin, and cause even more breakouts, dryness or redness and irritation. Do your research, to make sure you do not come off worse than when you started.

FDA approved procedures like the Trinity Facelift have been touted as the “crown jewel” of facelift procedures.

This non-invasive face-pampering super-package combines a facelift via collagen rejuvenation (Ulthera), and skin tightening and smoothening (Thermage) for that healthy radiant glow. Definitely safe, skin-friendly…sans scalpel and side effects!

Another worthy mention of a treatment that digs deeper that falls into the ‘out of the box’ category is known as the Youth Savant.

This treatment centers around a special component known as PDRN, which is actually designed to not repair your skin… but the DNA instead, where aging actually stems from. Reparation and replacement of aging DNA automatically eradicates any form of skin ailment you may be afflicted with – plain and simple.

Talk about getting to the root of  the problem!

The truth is, if you want to lie about your age, you’re going to have to let your face do it for you.


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