Not all career paths lead to a cushy office space with air conditioning. Depending on where the wind we call life blows, some women end up being athletes, landscape architects, lifeguards, or even firefighters.

All of these jobs mean time in the sun – and lots of it. Time in the sun also means you’re probably more tanned than the rest of your office-bound compatriots, not like you can help it.

While attainable, many women find themselves plagued with the inability to lighten their skin or smoothen their complexions, due to all that time spent under the sun. With that said, fair skin is easier fantasized, than achieved.

It is not impossible though – you just have to get a few things right.


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Loading Up on Retinol

Our skin is exposed to the harsh elements of the environment daily, other than the harmful rays of the sun.

If topical sunscreen/sunblock with a high SPF is your solution to protecting your skin from these elements, you may realize eventually that this is barely adequate cover for your skin.

Protect your skin from the sun externally and internally, with new-age sun protection like Heliocare. Coming in the form of tablets that you consume daily, this product not only protects your skin from the inside, but its special ingredients help to bring out the radiance from your skin and also diminishes hyperpigmentation.

Best part of this? Topical sunscreen only works for 2 hours before re-application is required, but Heliocare is a one-time, whole-day deal.


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The Milky Way

Nothing beats a spa-like treatment on your off day, sans UV rays and in an air-conditioned environment. Treat yourself to a luxurious facial in the form of Milk Peels.

Harnessing the brightening and rejuvenating prowess of lactic acid found in milk and a curated cocktail of mild fruit acids, this facial treatment helps to exfoliate and unclog pores, bringing out the glow that has been dulled by long hours of sun exposure.

Performed in a spa-like environment, the procedure is topped off with the introduction of a whitening serum and a facial wrap.


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Patch It Up

Porcelain skin has a very consistent texture; almost an airbrushed effect. Unfortunately for some of us, inconsistency appears to be the bulk of the issue with our skin.

Blotchy, patchy skin ridden with sun and dark spots plague more people than we know, and some wear the effects of it more than others. Skin discoloration makes one look lackluster, and we all feel like how we look.

Look more alive with the White Plasma Whitening & Illuminating Serum, a supercharged, quick-absorbing formula that targets all of the conditions mentioned above. This non-greasy formula not only evens out your skin tone and lightens all forms of pigmentation, its contents illuminates your skins and gives it the kind of radiance never seen in patchy and blotchy skin.


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Detox-icating Cocktails

For all of you out there who want to have fair, supple skin but do not have the time or discipline to nip each problem in the bud, I am pleased to introduce an all-encompassing solution for your skin whitening and perfection needs.

The four famous words “I don’t have time’ hang on the lips of many when quizzed about their efforts to maintain their skin… but it seems like this excuse could soon be inadmissible.

Enter Facial Cocktails, the 60-minute solution to all of your skin woes that renders your ‘no-time’ excuse invalid.

Named as such because of how highly customizable this procedure is, one can pick from different types of treatments to tackle different types of ailments, and mix them up – like a cocktail, to receive an all-round treatment that checks all those problems off your list in one sitting.

In case you’re wondering – there is, of course, a whitening and brightening treatment in the mix.


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