The ghouls be howling, the spiders be webbing, and the jack-o’s be lanterning… Halloween is upon us again *cue evil laughter*.

Before you costume up and attempt to be the shock of the town at your Halloween party tonight, we’ve got a special compilation of beauty-related horror stories we will either debunk or confirm to be true… and offer appropriate treatment, of course.

So what’s a trick, and what’s to treat? Let us give you the gory details.


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#1 “If I’m having an acne breakout, I should go out into the sun because it will help to dry up my acne.”

Verdict: TRICK! Now whoever told you that probably doesn’t like you very much. Who’d trade temporary acne for potential skin cancer?!

The sun can indeed dry up the skin (that means wrinkles, stat), but our body has built a natural counter to the effect of excess sun exposure – sebum production. Yup. That means mo’ oil, mo’ pimples. Don’t do it!

How to treat it: An Anti-Acne BB Cream that works to kill your acne bacteria, provide sun protection and regulate sebum production, that’s how!


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#2 “Wearing your hair tight in a bun or ponytail can cause baldness.”

Verdict: TRUE. Now we understand that it can get really hot here in sunny Singapore, and tying your hair up in a bun or ponytail can really give your neck a little bit of air, BUT don’t wear your bun or ponytail too tight now – any hairstyle that causes constant tension by pulling at the scalp can lead to permanent hair loss in the long run.

How to treat it: Now if you’re guilty of doing that, pop by for your scheduled scalp revitalizing treatment once a month, to sustain your follicular fortitude.

Yes, I’m talking to you too, Ariana Grande!


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#3 “Once I’ve beaten hyperpigmentation, I’ve beaten it for good and it won’t come back.”

Verdict:  You’ve been well and truly TRICKED! Dark spots or stubborn acne scars are sadly not a one-and-done kinda deal. Symptoms of hyperpigmentation will resurface once you start to neglect your sun protection or whitening regimen.

How to treat it: A primer base product that offers external sun protection is important before you step out; make it a daily routine of yours. For more extensive protection, products like Heliocare and Gene Therapy can also be your skin’s bodyguard from environmental elements, from the inside.


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#4 “My skin is getting a little loose and in need of a pick-me-up. Botox would be great, but what if I can’t move my face like Joan Rivers?”


Verdict: Honey, you cannot be further away from the truth. The stigma that has been attached to Botox and fillers has been prevalent for a while now, but most fail to understand the reason behind these botched celebrity procedures.

Celebrities like Joan Rivers (God rest her soul) or even Mickey Rourke have evidently no regard to the mantra of ‘everything in moderation’, and their doctors have obviously subscribed to the mantra of ‘the customer is always right’… thus the unflattering results.

How to treat it: The Botox and filler injections of today are meticulously delivered in micro-doses, to prevent the “frozen” expressions so infamously publicized. Doctors at renowned and recommended establishments will also never administer more than the recommended dosage, making these procedures safer and guaranteeing a more natural result. If you want that lift, you go get that lift.


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#5 “I need to give my skin some off-days without makeup, to let it breathe.”

Verdict: True and false. Your skin certainly can benefit from a #makeupfree day, but not because there are tiny lungs within each pore and needs to breathe, but actually because of pore-cloggers like dirt, sebum and environmental pollutants that may build up on your skin atop the makeup layer.

How to treat it: Put on your face as much as you wish, but make sure your aftercare is *on point*. There needs to be some thorough cleansing and exfoliation in your post-makeup regimen. Think dermal buffing, dead cell removal, blood circulation, vitamin nourishment… all in one product, just to save you the trouble.


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