I’ll bet that you’ve all heard of a variety of saying that talk about scars being a testament of one’s triumph over life’s trials and tribulations before.

While these words of wisdom put scars in quite a dignified and glorious light, some scars we sport… just do not evoke the same feelings of pride that’s advertised.

Truth is, some scars just need to go away. To a faraway place. That’s not our body. And FOR GOOD.




Scar Issues

Scars are the by-product of damage to the dermis (deep, thick layer of skin on the surface), from any form of physical trauma.

When this happens, collagen fibers usually will band together to attempt to mend the damage, but while the fibers act as an adhesive to close up the wound, the end result will take on a different texture and quality than the skin tissue surrounding it.

Acne scars, keloids, C-section scars, post-laceration/abrasion scars are just some of the scars we’re not exactly keen on keeping.

They come in all shapes and sizes too – flat and pale, raised with an angry shade of red, sunken or pitted, they have it all.

Stretch marks are classified as scars as well – possibly the most common kind that we want to get rid of, but do not know how to.


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Scar Solutions

You might not have a clue about how to rid yourself of that odd confidence-crippling scar, so covering up to conceal it is naturally the option.

Covering up your scars is actually… the right thing to do, albeit for the wrong reason. UV rays emitted by the sun can further worsen the condition of your scars, making them darker or more prominent.

Application of sunscreen to scar-stricken areas of your body is thus highly recommended before you step out for the day.

Darker scars are essentially dark spots with a twist, and the solution to fading dark spots is usually a copious introduction of Vitamin C and Retinol into the system.

The Retinol-Vitamin C combo greatly accelerates the turnover rate of skin cells, making its whitening qualities very superior.

Anti-aging products like Age Defy can be the surprise package when it comes to the eradication of scars because it contains a substantial amount of both retinol and Vitamin C.


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Scar Intervention

Those steps above serve as options to prevent your scars from getting worse, and a way to diminish it. For the more severe cases, sun protection and retinoids might not suffice to alleviate the situation.

What you probably need is an intervention.

The Scar Intervention Program by SW1 is not giving out any prizes for guessing what it specializes in – the systematic annihilation of those eyesores we know as scars.

Almost working like the airbrush tool you often use in your camera apps or on Photoshop, the Scar Intervention Program addresses your discoloration and textural issues via 3 different non-invasive laser treatments that serve different purposes, topped off by a sumptuous nutrient-rich mask treatment that kills off dead skin cells and stimulates the growth of new ones.

If that nasty scar has been the bane of your existence and your self-confidence’s wet blanket… not anymore!


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