It’s one of the most loaded questions in the world.

“Do I look fat in this?”

It’s so easy to ask this question, but so difficult to answer for the poor person at the end of it (mostly your partner).

If they say you don’t and you look beautiful, you might think they’re patronizing you. And if they say anything remotely along the lines of ‘yes’… my condolences to them.

The fact that you’re even asking this question sheds light on the fact that you’re second-guessing yourself… which you really shouldn’t.

Here are a few things you should/shouldn’t do, if you don’t ever want to be unsure about this again – I can hear your partner thanking me already.


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Dress Light, Look Heavy

It’s been the worst-kept secret in casual fashion: everybody pretty much knows that light colours do not flatter the figure.

I know I know, these days the common theme is being comfortable in our skin, and ‘owning’ that body of ours, but someone should really give our innate vanity the memo. It’s not budging! Insecurity is just on the sidelines, laughing and lapping it all up.

We can try, but we will never really be content with carrying a little excess baggage on the areas that matter – like the waistline.


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Don’t Let it Go to Waist

Bloating, ineffectual gym sessions, and failed diets make up the unholy trinity of weight gain.

Bloating is what I’d call the least of all evils, because this issue can be the easiest to fix. Indigestion leads to irregular bowel movement, as our system experiences a jam of sorts. The need for a detox is impertinent, and before you start whining about nasty tasting juice diets, there are actually easier ways to detox these days – in one drink, in one day.

On to the next weight-loss measure: putting in time at the gym.

If one of your carry-ons for work include your gym bag, I’d like to ask you a question: how’s it working out so far?

I mean, to be braving the morning horde with your lunchbox in one hand, and your gym bag in the other, the end at least has to justify the means, right?

Sadly, it doesn’t more often than not. Most of us experience weight gain at a more accelerated rate than we can lose them, even with gym time. Which leaves us to one last resort: the diet.

The leading cause of diet failure is a mix of peer pressure and temptation. Like, a lot of temptation. All the pictures and videos of good food and restaurant recommendations on your social media feeds constantly test your resolve, making that diet more of a torture than it already is.

What DOES work then, exactly?


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This is Not Working Out

At the point, you might probably have exhausted all of your weight-loss options. Nothing seems to be working, and you’re bleeding cash paying for your monthly gym memberships while still stuffing your face with bubble tea and fancy pastries.

It’s not the end of the road yet, for those who are looking for more delicate waistlines. Cancel that gym membership, and invest in some of the latest in non-invasive aesthetic technology.

Example of such a procedures are the Coolshape and Onda Body Magic. These brief hour-long procedures not only utilize cold to help you to break down the unwanted fat cells in various areas of the body, it actually also sculpts it to give the body more definition. Best part?

It’s non-invasive and has zero downtime – you get to walk out slimmer, quite literally.

How slim you want to be, depends on how many sessions you wish to. No sweat, no starving, no insecurities. Go on then – you know you want to look pristine and elegant in that off-white dress.


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