How to Change your Shape (& Change your Life)

Did you know apple-shaped women are at risk of a deadlier breast cancer? Apparently, our body shape reveals much more about us than we realise!

Whether we’re shaped like an apple, pear, banana, inverted triangle or hourglass – all beautiful – it’s an indicator of attractiveness, fertility, intelligence (surprise surprise) and even illnesses we’re susceptible to. While our body shapes are primarily determined by our genetic make up and where fat is stored on our bodies, it’s a relief these days to know that our hands are not chained by fate. With knowledge of targeted exercise and technology, we can alter or accentuate our figures for the best version of ourselves…


Most likely to develop with age, apples gather fat in their upper body, particularly around their waist, creating a classic beer belly. “They tend to accumulate visceral fat, a type of fat that is located behind the abdominal muscles, which is linked to a higher risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes,” explains Dr Chua Han Boon from SW1 Clinic, an aesthetic & plastic surgery clinic in Singapore.

To reduce the buildup of such harmful fat – through nature or your lifestyle habits – apples should engage in aerobic activities like swimming or weight training on top of watching their diets. Combine your efforts with Coolshape (if liposuction out the window) for unbelievable results to safeguard your health and size. This advanced, non-invasive technology effectively eliminates fat by freezing it to death in a process called Cryolipolysis. “Studies have shown that with the right combination of treatments, up to 40% of fat can be removed in a single treatment session,” shares Dr Chua. Walk in an apple and leave an hourglass as The Sloane Clinic enhances results of this treatment by intelligently pairing it with lymphatic drainage and skin regenerating therapy. This duo sends dead fat cells on their way to heaven or hell and spurs collagen production for firm skin.

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You’re a pear if you’re storing fat around your thighs, hips and buttocks, resulting in a wider hip region. Women with this body shape is prone to ovarian cancer and endometriosis so start working out the lower body! Running, power walking and lunges will strengthen and tone your glutes, hips and thighs, closing the gap between you and that enviable hourglass frame.

With this high waist-to-hip ratio, fat is also more likely to appear as unsightly cellulite. What can you do to get smooth, yummylicious skin you ask? Thermage it away! By utilizing a unique radiofrequency technology to cause deep volumetric heating of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue, Thermage can help you achieve your desired body shape and smoothen out cellulite! In just one session, notice firmer skin and curves when there were none; a much needed boost in skin health and cell metabolism that lasts into the year.

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Inverted Triangle

To achieve an inverted triangular shaped body requires work. You’d have emphasized workout in the upper body and controlled food intake to obtain broad shoulders and a narrow waist. As your determination is rewarded with high metabolism and strength, it’s easy to forget such high intensity trainings can lead to greater risk of osteoporosis. Not to mention this bulky shape doesn’t usually suit women…

Besides taking supplements calcium and vitamin K to build strong bones, try lunging, squatting and/or swimming to tone the lower body. Let your upper body take a break as you focus on your bottom half for a well-proportioned figure.

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You know who else loves bananas? Modelling agencies. Women with a banana shaped body is usually very slim (low BMI), has long legs with chest and waist roughly the same width. These women are fortunate (thank your genes) in that they do not gain weight easily. However, this can backfire on their health as their body doesn’t reflect in size the true amount of body fat. Dr Chua adds that as slightly lower oestrogen levels, which prevent fat from being stored in the bottom, thighs and hips, in these women means they’re likely to experience fertility issues. Wishing for a voluptuous body instead? Progress into one with a respectable diet that contains more protein whilst training both upper and lower bodies. Try push ups, plank ups, tricep dips and swimming to build arm, shoulder and back muscles. Incorporate side lunges, squats, leg lifts and embrace the transformation! Having problems toning your body? Add a few sessions of Magnetic Muscle Sculpting which uses painless magnetic waves to stimulate muscle toning easily and quickly. A sixpack is on the way!

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The ideal shape, the shape of every woman’s and man’s desire. The hourglass spots a narrow waist with waist-to-hip ratio about 7:10, pointing to a healthy weight. “To maintain the hourglass figure and stay healthy, I encourage these ladies to participate in light exercise like walking. In fact, this applies to anyone as there is a whole host of disadvantages to being sedentary including the accumulation of belly fat,” says Dr Chua.

To stay in shape, try detoxing to flush toxins out your system with Purification Cleanse, a one day cleansing system to reset your body and boost your metabolic rate. Supercharge your detox efforts with Daily Cleanse to relieve fluid retention and regulate digestion. This concoction mainly Milk Thistle seed and Chicory root is the start to feeling refreshed and strong every day.

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