I will always pick dark-colored clothing over any other form of print of color, because of its slimming effect and the way it flatters my figure.

For all the flattering dark colors do, they bring to light some very unflattering traits too – and I’m not even talking about lint.

If you’re suffering from a dry scalp, that black dress you’re wearing might just be telling the whole world about it.


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‘Druff Times

Dandruff is the by-product of a dry scalp. They are buts of dried skin they come off your scalp when you scratch it – and you will scratch it because a dry scalp can be extremely itchy.

There is a slew of possible reasons for what causes it, from irritated oily skin to sensitivity to hair products, right down to the lack of shampooing.

The white, snow-like flakes of dried skin on your dark clothing will tell you that you suffer from dandruff, but how exactly you get it can be anybody’s guess.


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More Common Than You Think

More people suffer from dandruff than the ones who know they do, so anyone of you might be in danger of having a dry scalp and dandruff.

Factors like age, weather conditions and a weak immune system can make one more susceptible to getting it.

Dandruff does more than display the lack of hygiene and self-maintenance; a dry scalp can eventually lead to more esteem-crippling issues like hair loss – an affliction that is fast rising in percentage in recent times.

It’d be wiser to prevent it than have to cure it.


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Preventing and Prevailing

We all care about how our hair looks, and even dedicate ‘good’ and ‘bad’ days to it, but the attention we give to it pales in comparison to how much we care about our face.

Shampooing and conditioning it may no longer qualify as adequate hair care, and the fact that our scalp is not exactly as easily visible as our face makes it even easier to neglect.

Before the real damage is dealt with, taking measures to avoid shampoos with high alcohol content, and avoiding shampoos formulated for ‘cleansing’ or ‘clarifying’ scalps (those usually contain harsh ingredients) care starter steps you can take.

Because you do not possess the means to easily see what’s going on up there, popping in for bi-weekly scalp-revitalizing sessions helmed by a doctor who sees exactly what’s going on up there can greatly help too.

Think of it as a ‘facial’ for your scalp – there will be an introduction of deep-penetration nutrients into your scalp, that will hydrate and stimulate follicular growth, giving your scalp the adequate amount of love you give to your face and body… exactly what it deserves.

For anyone whose follicular problems far transcend that of a dry scalp and dandruff, there is a dedicated Hair Clinic in Singapore that sees to all things hair-related: from restoration to removal.


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