Youth is but a very blink-and-you-miss moment we enjoy, before reality comes in to crash the party…hard.

With age setting in, we find it hard to cling on to the privileges we had in our younger days… and one of these privileges was the luxury of having smooth, supple skin.

Age hits the biggest organ of our body the hardest – the skin.

Your skin just does not feel as taut anymore, your cheeks no longer defy gravity, and the area around your eyes now resemble the lines on the palm of your hand.

I’m sure all of us want to preserve our youth, but nobody wants to go through the pain and downtime of painfully invasive procedures.

What gives?


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Self-Love is the Greatest Love

There are various do-it-yourself ways to hone the condition of your skin to avoid or deflect some of the damage time will inflict. Having a skincare routine that works is one of the pillars of maintaining the quality of your visage.

Invest in a sunscreen that will help to shield you from the harmful skin-damaging rays of the sun, so slather some on before you step out.

A good cleanser that is gentle on the skin and water-soluble would be ideal as well, to completely remove the makeup on your skin and not leave any remnants behind that might cause enlarged pores or acne.

Often mistaken as skincare overkill, a toner is an integral cog in the skincare machine.

A toner not only removes oil and makeup residue from the skin, it also primes the skin to receive any form of skin serum or moisturizer you plan to apply on your skin. Some toners even boast skin-repairing and anti-inflammatory properties.

For the “hard to reach areas” of the skin, a competent exfoliator is also required for a little bit of dermal buffing.

Nutrient-filled exfoliators not only remove the bad stuff from your skin, they introduce your skin to nutrients and hydrate them along the way as well. (Point to note: do not exfoliate every day; preferred frequency is twice a week!)

A nutrient-filled night cream completes the ideal skincare regime. Night creams are the “food” you leave on overnight for your skin, to keep them well-nourished and hydrated. Night creams give your skin the luminosity and the resilience your skin sorely needs.


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Put The Knives Away

On top of a comprehensive skincare routine, the journey back to your youth can be made easier with a little bit of professional reinforcement.

The latest offering in the anti-aging market is aptly named Youth Preserve, widely touted to take the town by storm at the turn of the new year.

Performed by administering a concentrated amount of collagen to 5 vital points of the face, this procedure encourages the aggressive stimulation of cell growth, giving the face a significant tightening and lifting effect.

The FDA-approved Ulthera treatment dives deep into the recesses of your skin and spurs the production of collagen, causing the skin to firm up and tighten, removing all signs of loose or saggy skin.

Pair the Ulthera treatment with the Thermage, a procedure using radiofrequency energy to further smoothen the texture of your skin, renew and accentuate your jowls and jawline, and bring out the radiance of youth.

All the youth gained… and not a drop of blood loss. Whoever said “no pain, no gain”?


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