2020 is such a wholesome number. The symmetry of it all, how it looks perfect and  2 times better than 10 out of 10… so if you lovebirds have picked next year to get hitched, you’re probably not alone!

Oh yeah, did I mention that 2020 is less than 3 weeks out too?

*cue Bridezilla trying its best to prevent itself from rearing its ugly head*

In the midst of all the manic prepping and planning, you might find yourself worrying about all the small things and missing the bigger ones… like the state of your complexion when you walk down the aisle.

Most brides usually walk the aisle content knowing that their wedding dress fits, and their makeup is on-point. What they do not know, however, is there are some things that even makeup cannot cover.

Here are 5 time-efficient ways to *not* ignore your complexion as you wind down your wedding countdown clock.


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Porcelain Skin Program

So your wedding gown’s going to be shining, shimmering and splendid, and all that’s left for you to do after signing off on the flower arrangement of your wedding is to make sure your complexion matches your drapes.

The Porcelain skin program is based on groundbreaking research into skin whitening and pigment removal and specializes in removing darkened areas on the skin and leveling up your fairness and radiance in under 2 months.


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Luxe Lift Program

All the stress and the lack of shut-eye from the lead up to the big day can accelerate the sagging of your skin. Loose and saggy skin can be a real dampener on a joyous occasion.

Keep your chin up with the Luxe Lift, a supercharged multi-tiered program designed to tighten, firm and lift the skin, while improving the tone and even texture.

An amalgamation of the best in lifting, just in time to prop up the look of eternal matrimonial bliss.


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Onda Body Magic/Coolshape

Imagine the nightmare of stress-eating in between your gown fitting and actual wedding day… and not being able to squeeze into your dress.

I really wouldn’t wish that upon my worst enemy, but these things can happen!

Be safe rather than sorry with Onda Body Magic and Coolshape, versatile fat-busting programs that help you to ‘tuck-in’ all the parts that shouldn’t jut out, and accentuate the ones that should.

With results reported to be visible after just one session, the more sessions you clock guarantees a figure you’ll be more than proud of flaunting… along with the new hubby, of course.


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Facial Cocktails

It’s the eve of your big day, and all the prepping frenzy has started to cool off. Everything is all set for your walk down the aisle… except for some last-minute touches for yourself.

Something you can treat yourself to on the eve (or even on the day itself, if you’re feeling adventurous) of your wedding is some Facial Cocktails.

With each session clocking in at 70 minutes or less, Facial Cocktails are named as such for an apt reason: the freedom you’re given to mix and match treatments to cater to what your face needs.

This might just be the pick-me-up you need before you take the walk down the aisle; a perfect ode to punctuate the end of all the effort taken to celebrate the first day of the rest of your life.


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