Now I’m not a fan of Taiwanese soaps or variety shows, so when Chen Mei Feng mildly broke the internet with pictures of her in a swimsuit, it really piqued my curiosity.

It made me wonder what the big deal is? She’s a celebrity, she’s got a rockin’ bikini body… but then again so do 90% of the celebrities out there.

What I discovered upon further investigation (google) made my jaw gape. Miss Chen Meifeng, Taiwan’s Most Beautiful Obasan, is SIXTY-THREE years old this year.


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What is this Sorcery?!

I needed to check multiple news sources to believe it. An expansive search on Google images turned out the same radiant, voluptuous lady with the megawatt smile. It’s like gravity doesn’t work on her at all.

Porcelain skin, nary a wrinkle, and above the age of 60. How does Chen Meifeng do it? I needed to know, and while I am nowhere near 60, I needed to know NOW.


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Making It Look Easy

I dove deep. Trawling the net for videos of her earlier performances in acclaimed Taiwanese dramas, comparing it with recent media appearance, watching her impart her beauty tips for people approaching the ‘golden age’, I was pretty much her die-hard fan in that moment.

What I realized about Chen Meifeng is how she actually looks better over the years. While the opposite is true for most women, she has somehow managed that, with a mixture of the natural class and charm she oozes, keeping up with fashion trends, and some 3 very basic habits she swears by, according to her.

  1. Water to start and end it all.

Our 60-going-on-35 beauty always begins her day with a big glass of warm water, to ‘jolt her system awake’. This has proven to be a masterstroke for her, as we are actually losing water throughout our sleep.

She also rounds off her day with another glass of water before she sleeps, to prepare her skin and body for water loss during the night.

  1. She doesn’t dye her hair black.

Her lustrous locks have gotten way less attention due to how she keeps the rest of herself so immaculately youthful, but Miss Chen does not believe in dyeing her hair black, even though she’s prone to greying hair (only then I was convinced she’s still human) .

Because the grey roots show up in a week or two and to lower the frequency of subjecting her scalp to chemicals, she prefers lightening her hair colour and adding in highlights, to mask the grey with more longevity.

Judging from the volume in her hair, I won’t bet against her going for fortnightly scalp-revitalizing sessions as well!

  1. She doesn’t go to the gym.

 Chen is well aware of her age and manages her expectations very realistically, which is also why she doesn’t not believe in hitting the gym and lifting weights, just to maintain her stunning figure.

She takes a preference to exercises of a lower impact, like slow walks, light stretching and yoga to ensure that her body still releases endorphins and stays bikini-body ready.

Truly, the living epitome of keeping fit and fab without breaking a sweat!

Well we cannot deny that Chen Meifeng’s very, very blessed gene pool helped with her amazing grace at aging, but I don’t know about you, I’m still taking her word for it!


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