Tis’ the season to be jolly indeed! Of all the things that bring joy to you, one of the joys that are non-seasonal and you can experience all year round that has great, age and gravity-defying skin.

This Christmas, give your loved ones the gift of everlasting beauty with these scrumptious skincare boxsets that they’ll thank you for.


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Kiehl’s Bright Delights

Now, this already looks like a great Christmas gift, so that’s one in a win column. US skincare giants Kiehl’s have put together a wholesome package of skincare essentials and masks,  including fan favorites like the Ultra Face Cream, Avocado Nourishing Hydration Mask and 3 more products…  all for USD$50.


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Dewy/Wonder/Fresh Trio Kit by SW1







This beautifully packaged 3-hit skincare combo comes in 3 variations, for 3 different skin types. In other words, there’s something for everyone. With ‘less is more’ being the modus operandi when it comes to skincare these days, this beautifully diminutive package packs a powerful punch for a complete skin overhaul.


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GlamGlow Super Clear Skin Set

This is for the friends who want to be glam for the gram’. This box set is everything your pores need – from cleansing, detoxifying to minimizing. This boxset is not only bang for your buck, but all of the products also come travel-sized, making it the perfect gift for the high-flying, well-traveled friend/family member in your entourage.

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Charlotte Tilbury’s The Gift of Magic Skin

Posh up your friend’s skincare arsenal with famed skincare brand Charlotte Tilbury’s festive gift set, aptly named The Gift of Magic Skin. This boxset contains the brand’s signature product – the Magic Cream moisturizer, a night cream, topped off with an eye cream. Now your friend can think of you, while she luxes up her face during her new nightly skincare routine!


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SW1’s The Superglow/Supercharge/Supermodel Protocol







Following in the vein of less being more than it comes to your skin, SW1’s Protocol series has been flying off the shelves even before Christmas, simply based on the fact that 3 simple products can cover so much base for your skin.

Coming in 3 different editions for 3 different needs (Supermodel for dull, discolored skin Supercharge for dehydrated, aging skin, Superglow for oily, uneven skin), this is the perfect gift for that best friend that always complains about her skin and has no solution for it. You might not just make her day, you’ve probably made her new year!


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The Art of Gifting








Most people get stumped during the Christmas season and end up just gifts for the sake of getting it. We might not know what our friends and family want specifically, but one thing’s for sure  – we know that nobody ever says no to anything that can make them look great!


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