A little bit of a heads up never hurt anyone. As we approach the tail end of 2019, everyone’s scrambling to grab the upper hand on what’s going to be all the rage at the turn of the year.

Cue all the ‘‘Things to look out for…’’ articles flooding the web, being lapped up with much aplomb. But while all of you are getting ready to get ahead in 2020, how much do you know about what NOT to do when the new year comes?

For the fear of looking outdated and being the butt of all ‘’2019 called’’ jokes, here are a few beauty trends that might be all that jazz earlier this year, but not so much at all next year.


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Highlighting is Not… High Anymore.

It’s a sight as common as they come: influencers and celebrities on Instagram brandishing their sharp jawlines like weapons with their side profile, complemented by a set of glowy cheekbones and noses.

A trend that hit fever pitch in early 2017, the art of using glowy or glittery make-up to add a touch of drama and accentuate the cheekbones has since slowed to almost a grinding halt, with people falling out of love with the ‘wet’ look, and matte, dewy skin starting to be the new beauty goal.

It may make your cheekbones look uber defined and all, but it’s no surprise people are losing their will to painstakingly etch out temporary cheekbones with their make-up.

I mean, if there was an easier and longer-lasting way to lift those cheekbones sans scalpel, who’d bother with using makeup?


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Matt is Dead… Wait Who’s Matt?

Kim Kardashian first rocked this look: the devil-may-care foundation with the matt look, and the oohs were ahhed. Being the trendsetter that she is, this sparked off the worldwide craze with millions replicating that matt look with a heavy foundation… until now that is.

Kim K’s star power may still burn bright, but her makeup trend may just about have fizzled out, as more and more celebrities start to adopt that light, dewy glass-like makeup look, as confirmed by professional makeup artists the world over.

Less is now more for makeup foundation, as people look to emanate that ‘glow from within’, accomplished by a tinted BB or CC cream as their base layer.

A BB or CC cream allows the skin to breathe better, compared to pore-clogging thick foundation as well, which further explains the trend migration.

Glass skin is definitely in – there’s even a program out there that helps you to achieve that.


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Pink Slip for Fat Lips?


Full, luscious lips might have made this list of dying makeup trends, but Kylie Jenner’s plump and perfectly textured smackers will always be known for usurping Angelina Jolie’s throne as the owner of the (once) sexiest lips in the world.

The reason why nobody loves these plump, sumptuous lips anymore is simple: everyone’s overdoing it and doing it wrong – and it looks baaad.

Most attempts to do a Kylie have included overdrawing and overlining the lips, resulting in very botched versions that look like badly smudged crayon makeup.

There are less over-the-top ways to achieve fuller lips, without abusing your lipliner. For those who still believe in fuller lips, at least do it right, by nourishing and moisturizing your lips with the right products or subjecting yourself to some lip fabulosity.


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