Your eyes are essentially the most ‘honest’ parts of your body.

They betray you when you’re trying to lie about something (not that I’m an advocate of lying), and worst of all, they can very easily betray your youth.

If dark eye rings, eye bags and crow’s feet are perpetual residents of the area around your eyes, here are some choice options to get rid of them… sans scalpel.


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Neogen Plasma Eyelift


Crow’s feet might be a by-product of aging, but couple that with droopy eyelids, you might be piling on more years than you’d actually like to.

Look more alive with the Neogen Plasma Eyelift, a non-invasive program that uses controlled pulses of plasma energy to lift your eyelids, and iron out the crow’s feet that might show due to the ills of age.

The tissue stimulation that this procedure induces also gives the skin around your eyes a revitalizing glow, effectively removing your dark eye circles as well.


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Botox Eyelift

It’s always nice to have a perpetual smile on your face… until age catches up on you and your skin starts to crease around the thinnest area of your face – the eyes.

The irony of being happy and looking older while at it is not lost on us, but there is a way to stay that way and not risk looking older while at it.

The reputation that surrounds Botox-related aesthetic procedures have been generally negative, but Botox-related horror stories usually stem from suspect establishments offering very cheap and unregulated Botox procedures.

If done in the hands of professionals at established facilities, there is nary a need for any worry about ‘frozen expressions’.

Introducing virtually pain-free and regulated microinjections of Botox smoothes out the lines around your eyes because it contracts the muscles that cause wrinkles, giving you a more refreshed and significantly youthful appearance.

Clocking in at only a matter of minutes and lasting for up to half a year, this is an extremely time-efficient option to take years off your age.

These injections can also be applied to areas very susceptible to creasing or requiring sharpening, like the forehead and the jaw.


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Revitalift Undereye

There are two things in life we can’t never get enough of, one being money and the other being the hours of sleep we get.

The hectic lives we lead often render the 24 hours we get in one day insufficient, and one should be so lucky to be able to clock the generally approved 8 hours of sleep a day.

The lack of shut eye will gradually start to show on our faces, namely the area around our eyes in the form of dark eye circles.

The Revitalift Undereye procedure is specifically tailored to boost the hyaluronic acid content of your body, as your body starts to lose its ability to regenerate elasticity.

Administered via microinjections that resemble ant bites, the introduction of hyaluronic acid to the very thin area of the eyes speeds up collagen production, which mean your get to shed the discolored skin caused by the dark eye circles… and bask in the glow of your refreshed and brand new skin.

Notice how the words ‘knife’ or ‘operation’ were never used in any of these procedures? It really is that easy now to look alive… and younger while at it.


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