I get that beauty is a landscape that is ever-evolving, and sometimes one struggles to catch up with what’s in trend.

I’m ok with the vibrancy and disruptive nature of this market, but there have truly been some incredulous trends that I find hard to follow and believe.

One such example came up while I was casually scrolling through my Facebook feed. It involves the use of fillers injected into the outer lip, resulting in an unusual wavy pattern, dubbed the ‘Devil Lips’.


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What in the Devil…

Not surprisingly, this trend is believed to have originated from Russia, starting with a Russian influencer sharing a post flaunting her new lips.

A lot of likes and comments expressing shock and awe later, more of these pictures popped up, hashtags were coined and thus, began this new bizarre beauty trend.

I personally do not find any appeal in this trend at all – in fact, I think it’s a smidge over the top to achieve what looks like the aftermath of a bad insect bite on the lips, but such is the world of fashion and beauty these days; the weirder they come, the more viral it gets.


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The Experts Weigh In

It’s not just about how something so bizarre-looking devil lips look that makes it so confusing as a trend, there are very weird medical repercussions that surround it that make it a real cause for concern.

Equally perturbed medical experts are strongly advising impressionable women against attempting to achieve this look because lips are just not meant to be shaped that way.

According to them, getting devil lips would require a substantial amount of fillers, and heighten the risk of the contents entering a blood vessel, leading to blockages that may end up in the death of skin tissue.

Changing the anatomical shape of the lips is not only unnatural, but the damage dealt might be irreparable.


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A Moment on the Lips

Kylie Jenner and her massive influence on the masses made us pay a lot more attention to the condition of our lips, and beauty trends centered around the beautification of the lips are definitely not uncommon.

There is still a line that needs to be drawn when it comes to the extent of how far we’d go, and this unorthodox trend of Devil Lips seems to be too much of a risk to take.

There are safer and more pleasant-looking ways to exude sex appeal via your lips. From curated products to luxurious spa-like treatments specifically meant for the lips, you’ve pretty much got all your bases covered.

All a pair of sumptuous, luscious lips needs is hydration, nourishment, and volume – without going against the grain of nature and making a deal with the Devil.


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