A tweak is defined as a fine adjustment that is made to improve a mechanism or a system.

In the context of beauty and aesthetics, it can be used to describe a tiny nip or tuck that is barely visible at first glance, but does you a wealth of good when it comes to looking younger.

The hip millennials of today know this to be the “tweakment”. Nifty piece of wordplay, I’d say!


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Trick or Tweak

Stories of botched aesthetic procedures are the stuff of nightmares, which may haunt most to this very day.

With this stigma seemingly impossible to shake off, the industry has astutely chosen to roll with the times, churning out treatments that stray further away from the scalpel and closer to comfort.

Owing to the advent of technology, seasoned procedures like Botox have been made way safer with little or no chance of that dreaded ‘frozen’ effect – if performed in the hands of accredited professionals of course.

With that perpetual ease of execution, Botox has also joined the ranks of what we classify as “tweakments”, along with a few others.


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Subtle In, Drastic Out


Much like makeup, the trend of beauty treatments has transitioned from the outrageous and blatant, to subdued and subtle, and in recent years men and women alike have undergone fastidious beauty quick-fixes that shave the years off one would hardly notice.

The use of microinjections in the form of dermal fillers leave little to no discomfort and does not require the use of a scalpel, but it’s sculpting and contouring prowess has given many a satisfied patient the dream wrinkle-free and glowing complexion.

In the place of an invasive facelift, new-age programs like Thermage and Ultherapy provide a virtually painless experience that equates to the effects of a facelift, with a fraction of the downtime.

Thermage is a process that draws upon the prowess of radiofrequency waves to stimulate the body’s renewal of collagen, therefore tightening and contouring the skin, whereas Ultherapy is an hour-long that uses ultrasound energy to improve the skin’s firmness, texture, and tone, especially efficient in lifting areas around the eyes for a more refreshed look.

If you’ve had the (dis)pleasure of watching the process of liposuction thanks to random ads on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube, the first thing you should notice is how *painful* they look, with all the poking and prodding.

I personally do not feel that a video of liposuction serves as good marketing fodder, but it probably is as painful as it looks.

The good news for everyone suffering from body issues but are terrified of needles or pain is that there are tweakments that cater to the shaping of your body as well.

Procedures like Onda Body Magic and Coolshape do not require and poking and prodding of your body with needles to draw fat, they disintegrate the fat in your body by freezing them and using a newly-patented Coolwaves technology – you won’t even see blood.

There is a slew of tweakments that are still out there, and they are expected to continue to come out of the fray faster than one can keep up with.

People are not taking huge strides to look young and beautiful overnight these days; more like tiny, baby steps that get them to their destination faster… with less pain and with a more natural effect.


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