Watching time-lapse videos of a person at a young age very quickly evolve into an 80-year old is not something I exactly enjoy, but I also do realize that that very person in the video is pretty much all of us… just minus the fast-forwarding.

Aging is as much a certainty in life as death and taxes, but it’d really help a lot if we knew when it all starts going downhill.

How old are we be when your skin starts failing on us?


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The 20s

Puberty is pretty much the ‘beginner’ level of getting old. You begin to lose the baby fat that’s on your skin, and this very subtle change starts to make you more like a woman, than a girl.

With the loss of baby fat, comes the scourge of acne, a by-product of getting old in your teenage years. Acne bacteria starts to fester from within, and manifest in the form of pimples that are on the face.

While some people might see perceive this as a sign of youth, it’s ultimately something you might want to get rid of, be it via skincare products, or aesthetic procedures.


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The 30s

This is the age where the ‘adulting’ begins. While your looks may not deviate too much from your 20s, this could be the decade where the fatigue and stress of adulthood removes that ‘glow’ your skin used to have in the 20s.

Crow’s feet might also start to make an appearance around the area of the eyes, and you might also start to notice a pair of lines that pop up between your brows – further signs of loss of skin tautness.

These signs are only going to get worse without action taken, and there is not a better time to introduce retinol and moisturizers into your skincare routine.

Serums like the Super Helper are prime examples of said products, as they combine retinol and alpha-hydroxy acids to give your skin a mattifying and detoxifying effect.

Crow’s feet and lines are results of dehydrated skin, so pile on the Luminizing II moisturizer to contain the damage the lack of hydration is doing to your skin.


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The 40s… and Beyond

Once the dreaded- 4-0 comes a-knocking, lines will start to show up where It once didn’t – think around the lips, and you might also notice the skin on your neck start to loosen like it never did before.

You will also start to notice lines forming on your forehead when you squint, smile or frown, due to the gradual loss of tautness of your skin. Fine lines around the eyes and crow’s feet are also pretty bound to pay you an untimely visit.

Where self-help is concerned, basking in the regal gold of the 24k Gold Masque may go a ways in hydrating and firming the skin, with its rich content of collagen-renewing Hyaluronic Acid.

If skin deterioration is on the more advanced end of the spectrum, the Youth Preserve procedure offered by SW1 Clinic strategically delivers concentrated amounts of Hyaluronic acid on specific aging areas of the skin, via microinjections that you will barely feel.

For those who live in the fear of suffering from the dreaded ‘turkey neck’, the Nefertiti Facelift boasts the ability to tighten up loose skin by way of muscle-relaxing microinjections, smoothening out any form of sag that might be too telling of your age.


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