When Jennifer Lopez’s voice boomed ‘MIAMI, ARE YOU READY???’ as she dangled from a glowing pole (an apt homage to her brilliant performance as a stripper in Hustlers) right as Shakira’s closing song faded out, the world never realized how un-ready they were… from how stunning she looked.

The 51-year old left the Superbowl crowd jaws agape, first from her beautifully bronzed and toned arms as she effortlessly clung onto the pole she royally descended after.

Clad in a figure-hugging black leather Versace leather number, she cavorted and cajoled her way through her medley of hit singles, starting off with 2002’s Jenny from the Block, and effortlessly belting others like Waiting for Tonight.

To be honest, I wasn’t really listening – I was taking it personally and feeling insulted by how amazing she looked at more than 5 decades old.


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What, Time Just Stopped with Her? 

From top to possibly the toe, she was the picture of perfection. Wavy hair tousled perfectly, cheekbones accentuated perfectly with the added help of makeup, and that perfect “V” the general shape of her face formed.

Multiple close-up shots of the face revealed a total of zero wrinkles, fine lines, or even crow’s feet. Trust me, I was looking.

With nary a sign of turkey neck, and the rest of her body looking tighter than our purse strings, one wonders what kind of ‘work’ she’s done to be looking like that at 50.

There’s definitely work done alright, but it’s not like she’s not putting in the work herself, trust me.


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Don’t Be Fooled By the Looks that She’s Got

So time did not stop with her, but Jenny from the Block definitely took preventive measures to block out those lines and wrinkles that usually plague normal people as early as our mid-30s.

With Ultherapy being a hit amongst many in Tinseltown, Miss Lopez must have had herself a session or two whenever needed.

This novel, FDA-approved procedure stimulates the production of collagen that’s needed to regenerate and rejuvenate deteriorating skin, even usurping the result of an invasive facelift in terms of the lifting of the jawline, cheeks, and even the browline.

Jennifer herself has also stated that she NEVER sleeps with her makeup on, and never fails in her application of skin-plumping night creams before bedtime.

With her god-given Latina tan, one would be surprised to know that she piles on the sun protection when out and about, because of the sunspots and fine lines the UV rays can bring to her skin.


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That Boooty… I Mean, Body

 From her foray into a career in music in her “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” video to her huge break playing the late, great Selena in the biopic, Jennifer Lopez has struggled, and not in a bad way, to keep everyone’s eyes ‘up here’.

One can say that she is blessed with an abundance of derriere, but J Lo works her butt off to keep herself in shape.

As a hot-blooded Latina, she possesses no lack of the dancing gene, but it’s the cardio and weights sessions that she puts in ‘every day, with absolutely no excuses’

With the great power to work out comes the great responsibility to eat right, and that is what Lopez does as well.

Her clean-eating mantra extends to a simple diet of salads and fish, and she does not consume any form of alcohol, nicotine or caffeine, because she believes in how much it wrecks the skin as age gets on. Hear, hear.

Not everyone possesses the discipline of the Hustlers’ star, but for our failure to avoid alcohol, nicotine or caffeine, advances in aesthetic technology have very kindly given us the option to indulge in our vices, but put in work to our body as well.

Procedures like the Magnetic Muscle Sculpt are actually procedures for the busy (or lazy) who cannot find the time to hit the gym, and works desired areas of your body via electromagnetic energy to contract the muscles, making them more visible to the naked eye.

One such session is actually equivalent to the impact of 10,000 to 20,000 crunches – all while you’re lying on a bed and breaking zero amount of sweat.


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Let’s Get Proud

To be really honest, half of the world do not really care for American Football… especially in these parts of the world.

The only football we know involves 22 people literally kicking a ball about a pitch, but when it comes to the Super Bowl Halftime Show, the world stops and takes attention for that very brief 15 minutes.

Jennifer Lopez’s flawless performance left everyone talking, but at least now we know: looking the way she does (maybe not better, unfortunately) at the age of 50 is absolutely achievable.

We just need to put in some form of work, and look in the right places. 


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