As the dust of the hype settles from the Superbowl Half Time Show by Latina megastars Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, one can’t help but feel that the distribution of the plaudits was a tad…skewed in J Lo’s favor.

For every woman that marveled at the beauty and dexterity of Jenny from the Block, equal attention should be paid to the fact that Shakira is 43 years of age as well, looking the way she is.


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How’s 40 Looking for Us?

If there are two biggest fears in the life of a woman, it’s probably turning the dreaded 3-0, and then hitting the 4-0.

These two stages generally represent the loss of youth and the literal ‘coming of age’, but how does Shakira keep everything to trim and taut at the age of 43?

40, for all who are negligent in their upkeep of appearances, usually presents a slew of facial imperfections, in the form of fine lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles. They can appear anywhere from the side of the eyes, the forehead or even the side of the lips.

Collagen production will also start to slow down with age, resulting in the loss of tautness in your skin, especially around the neck and arm area.

All of the above? Not applicable to Shakira.


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Hips Don’t Lie, Indeed

There is no doubt that Shakira’s crystal clear complexion is a combination of an extensive self-help regime of day and night creams, disciplined diet and of course, a little bit of professional upkeep, but the star put in work for that taut and toned body of hers as well.

Shakira’s trainer has recently shared with the media how she prepped her body for the Super Bowl performance, and not surprisingly at all, her exercise revolves around dance.

Shakira has a specially customized dance and strength combo routine that she swears by, about 4 to 5 times a week, where she gets to enjoy what she loves and does best while building muscle tone with the use of dumbbells.

Her trainer likens this exercise regimen to ‘barre meets Pilates meets core condition’. With the torso sorted, Shakira works the rest of her legs with lunges… with dumbbells of course.


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…But We Can’t Do This Whenever (Wherever)

We are, of course very ill-positioned to compete with all of the resources our Latina superstar has on hand – personal trainers, customized regimes, and most of all the wealth of time she has to just focus on her appearance.

In between our day jobs, our children and keeping up social appearances, gym visits do not even really rank anywhere on our to-do-list.

If working out is not working out for you, there are ways to put firm and tone that body… all without moving a muscle.

If you’re looking to lose a few pounds before you talk about all those abs, a procedure like Onda Body Magic is non-invasive and uses patented technologies like Coolwave, to freeze off fatty deposits and trim off that extra baggage.

For those who do possess that potential to flaunt abs in a midriff-baring top, easily crush 10,000 to 20,000 crunches with the Magnetic Muscle Sculpting program, via the power of electromagnetic energy. All you need to do during this procedure? Lie down and take a nap!

We may not be as genetically blessed as Shakira, but we can sure do something about what’s Underneath our Clothes (geddit, geddit?).


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