I don’t know about you ladies, but I’ve had situations where ‘something urgent came up’, and I end up not attending a social gathering – when the truth is I’m just plain, old, lazy to heave myself off my bed and Netflix, and put on my face.

Especially the part about putting on my face.

Let’s face it: putting on makeup is no walk in the park.


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Why Makeup?


Makeup is a billion-dollar industry that will continue to thrive, because there will always be someone who needs it for two different reasons, some even at the same time: to look better, and to cover up their facial insecurities.

These insecurities can come in the form of acne scars, pigmentation or even pre-existing acne. The use of makeup diminishes these imperfections and accentuates your facial features.

This is the reason why makeup is necessary, to spend one to two hours in front of the mirror to make sure no one notices that angry red zit above your eyebrow.


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Dare to Bare

Having to wake an hour early just to have enough time to put on makeup for work is a bane we have just decided to get accustomed to.

But what if we kept our complexion pristine enough to only apply makeup on special occasions? What if we dared to go out for dinner with friends, sans makeup?

The bare-faced, woke-up-like-this look has become a trend of late, with celebrities looking flawless without makeup in paparazzi shots, to Instagram posts from influencers baring their morning faces.

It may look effortless to these famous people, but like all of us, they have facial imperfections too – they just know how to deal with it instead of blanketing makeup over it.


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Perfecting Imperfections

Most celebrities, when interviewed by media sources about their ‘beauty secrets’ almost always swear by night creams that exfoliate, regenerate and remove dead skin cells while they sleep, which explains the radiance in their pictures. The filter helped too, of course.

Another non-invasive trend that is taking Tinseltown by storm, which also happens to be available in Singapore, is a procedure known as Ulthera.

Touted as the non-invasive replacement of the famed facelift, this FDA-approved procedure uses the power of ultrasound energy to stimulate the healing of the skin, penetrating it on a deeper level the facelift can only dream of reaching.

The eventual result is a significant lift in the jawline, cheeks, and even the brows, making one look more ‘alive’ and of course, younger.

Masking active acne with makeup is not recommended at all, as the ingredients present in the layers of makeup might further exacerbate the condition of acne.

I know, stepping out with acne on your face and zero coverage might cause an anxiety attack because you feel like everyone’s staring at your face.

A simple procedure like the Forever Clear BBL may be what you need to alleviate your insecurities, however the state of acne on your face.

Channeling the bacteria-busting prowess of Broadband Light, Forever Clear BBL is as its name suggests – obliterating existing acne bacteria, pigmentation, controlling sebum production that festers bacteria, and ensuring further breakouts are a thing of the past.

With the face significantly lifted, and nary a sign of acne or pigmentation, you now have the luxury of choice – looking great bare-faced, or with makeup.

I’m the lazy one: I’m going bare-faced!


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