As the world faces yet another virus outbreak (which too shall pass), one would think that Singapore would be marked safe… because of our boiling cauldron of a climate.

One would expect Singapore to be completely sterilized, given how *HOT* it sometimes can get.

As we defend ourselves against a potentially life-threatening virus with our masks on, the heat is just not helping any matters at all – especially for our poor, masked skin.

Couple the heat with the perpetual humidity, and we have ourselves a very a host of problems that threaten the sanctity of your complexion.


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The Source

The rays of the sun have always been regarded as a metaphor of positivity, but what it represents in real life for your skin, is anything but.

UV rays are reputed age aggressors, and prolonged contact of UV on the skin can cause a slew of skin ailments (other than sunburn), from dark spots, wrinkles, cystic acne… and more.

This is why it’s so important to step out of the house with UV protection, which can either come in the traditional topical form or even consumed orally, thanks to groundbreaking aesthetic research.


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Hot and Bothered

With sunlight, of course, comes heat, and with heat – humidity. Now the heat and humidity from the sun can collaborate to cause perspiration, resulting in increased sebum production.

Your increased sebum levels can make it difficult for dirt and grime from the environment to be purged from your pores, which are enlarged to let out your perspiration.

This eventually leads to your pores being clogged and enlarged, giving acne bacteria its perfect breeding ground.

The need to cleanse and exfoliate is great, after a long day of perspiring anywhere that does not have air-conditioning.

Dermal buffing is required to comprehensively remove the layers of sebum, makeup, and dirt, to give your pores a fighting chance to close up without getting clogged up.


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Sweat is a Wet Blanket

Perspiration is a form of moisture, so I guess the more the merrier for our skin, right?

Not so much.

The moisture that you’re losing from sweating under the hot sun is the water you are losing. The heat is draining your skin of the much-needed moisture it needs to retain its volume.

Thus, much like a prune at its juiciest, your skin starts to shrivel with time, from the heavy loss of moisture.

For our skin, this loss of moisture results in the accelerated sagging of our skin, and the emergence of fine lines, wrinkles and crows’ feet… all the stuff that adds another decade to your actual age.

To reverse or retard this aging process that most of us are not aware of, you need to trace the roots of human aging – to the DNA, where everything began.

Gene Therapy is a product borne from the Nobel Prize-winning DNA-repair technology research conducted by scientists, and its contents contain enzymes that penetrate deeper than the surface of the skin to work its magic, repairing and replacing DNA strands damaged by UV exposure and environmental stressors.

If all else fails, a little bit of award-winning Ultherapy should do the trick!

If you have no clue whatsoever how to assess the damage the sun has already dealt on you, visit your trusted aesthetician for a consultation – never underestimate the wrath of the sun.


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