If you’re thinking ‘hair in unwanted places’… well you’re not wrong.

IPL treatments have been a staple for most women, something as routine as putting on makeup, albeit with less frequency. What IPL treatments offer women is an alleviation of their insecurities, via removal of unsightly body hair.

But the power of lasers does not just stop at hair removal, a fact that is still lost on most people. There are other elements that lasers can eliminate and alleviate – elements that bother us more than body hair.


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Lamenting The Elements

As you grow older, the inner workings of your body start to lose its vivacity. The “operation system” gets a little more sluggish with age, meaning skin firming agents like collagen and elastin do not get replenished in time to keep your skin looking as firm as supple as your prepubescent years.

This is where it all starts to fall apart (almost literally). Your skin will start to sag, and the lack of nutrients will cause skin dehydration, resulting in the birth of wrinkles and fine lines.

Couple this with the elements of the environment around you – the sun’s harmful rays from the weather and the dirt and grime from environmental pollution… you get skin deterioration at a grossly accelerated rate.

A list of a few signs of aging includes saggy and blotchy skin, lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, and dull, pallid complexion.


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A Few Cures To Rule Them All

While factors like time are beyond our control, other aging accelerants can be contained with the right products.

The sun can be a very unforgiving contributor to dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles, due to the devastating effect the UV rays have on bare skin. In a tropical climate like this, it is essential to arm yourself with a “shield” of sorts, against the rays of the sun.

Slather on some sunscreen before you step out of your house and into that cauldron of an outside world. Choose a sunscreen with a high SPF, and is water-resistant and water and sweat-proof for optimal protection.

When it comes to dirt on your skin, a simple facial wash you tip off the shelf into your basket while grocery simply does not suffice.

Exfoliation should be one of your priorities after a long day out. Buffing your skin with the right product will draw out deep-dwelling impurities and stimulate blood flow and lymphatic circulation, keeping your skin surface free from dead cells and enlarged pores.

If you’ve missed out on sunscreen and exfoliation in your skincare regime, it’s best to start including them right now – it’ll make quite the difference.


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Laser Age Erasers

When you’ve exhausted all the do-it-yourself skincare routines and remedies, and the results do not exactly inspire much confidence, it’s usually time to call in the cavalry.

Some facial programs offer a host of multiple treatments, each serving a different purpose in treating the skin.

The Baby Skin Program is a prime example of a multi-tiered beauty program. Combining the groundbreaking laser technology of the BB Aquatouch Laser and the trusty Led Red Therapy, one sitting of this program will aid in the clearing of pigmentation, improvement of your skin elasticity, and reduce enlarged pores and wrinkles.

The bonus of this treatment? The LED Red Therapy stimulates collagen production while relieving the skin of the stresses of sun damage and minimizing enlarged pores, giving the effects from the program added longevity.

Round off the “shedding” of your old skin with the skin-whitening prowess of the Pearl éclat to revive that glow from within, to put the perfect finish to your newborn porcelain complexion.


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